Friday, November 17, 2006

My Gorgeous Family

My big brother is over this week so we had dinner the other night at Mum and Dads, here's some pictures:

A Day At The Races

Paul and Me

Clockwise: Me, Fiona, Selena and Danielle

Kaija and Me

The Horses

Was definately a good day despite the rain, lots of my horses won with 2 of them even getting first place!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A whole lot of nothing...

There's so much to write about, this last week has been pretty awesome to be honest. On Friday it was my last day at my assignment to the Academy. It was such a nice day. The wonderful Lynn and Karen made a lovely morning tea for me and gave me flowers and chocolates and Cookie times (The Biscuit that thinks its a Chocolate Bar) and then we went out for drinks after work and it was so much fun. I missed them heaps on Monday morning when I started my next job. But speaking of the next job, it's in such a cool building and the biggest perk for me is that I get to drive my dream car. A 2006 Toyota Hilux Ute, it's even black which is definately the best colour. It's so much fun driving it.

One more story about work, I work at the Holy Grail one night a week doing mostly functions. It's the sweetest job. When it was the Super 14 season I did all the Crusader functions and for the Air NZ Cup I also got to do the Canterbury Rugby functions. This last Saturday night was such a wicked night. The FMX team (Chuck Norris and Ben Franklin) closed off the street outside and did monster jumps and stuff on their motor bikes which I love watching on TV but is even better in real life. Also 48 May played. Juice TV broadcast live which wasn't that exciting but still was fun. I did the VIP function which was easy as and lots of fun. 48 May are the nicest boys ever. They're so polite and friendly and incredibly real. I was talking to Jared (the drummer) and I asked him if he was having fun and he goes "Yeah my life is awesome" and he didn't say it in a I'm-awesome-and-talking-down-to-you way at all. He was just so stoked to be doing what he loves and he was amazed at how lucky he was. And they were all so polite like when I left, said thanks for everything and all that and gave me hugs and kisses. And Blindspott turned up too which was funny. Who knew the Grail was the place to be!

Anyways moving right along! Tonight I let Roko go and play outside and I think I was more nervous than him! He seemed to have fun and was a tad grumpy when I took him back inside. He's too tiny though and if a car came along they wouldn't see him! I know I know...I'm an overprotective mother.
Ok that's enough from me.