Tuesday, June 08, 2010

2 birds with one stone

Bird 1:

On Saturday Tahu was at soccer and it was a cold day so I stayed home and made cookies. We were going to a couple of homes where there would be kids and I wanted to take something so I opened up a book and the first thing I saw inspired me and here is the result:

Bird 2:

Recently I started a photo project. It's where you set yourself a challenge and mine was to do A-Z in June. It is up to me how I interpret that and so for now I'm doing things representing the letters. It's cool cos I have to go and think about the photos, take them, edit them and then somehow I'll present them at the end. Maybe a giant poster or something. I had orginally said that I could take inspiration from others ideas but so far they have all been my own which is cool. The photos above are C for Cookies. I'll put the rest up when I've finished it.

Also the cookie recipe I used is my grandmothers (Mum's mum) recipe. I never met her but I like to think that this is one way that we are connected by this. It's a fantastic recipe and really easy and has nothing special in it so I can make it any time by what is in my cupboard. Thanks Grandma xx