Monday, April 30, 2007


I had my second exam today. Last one is on Wednesday. Will be so glad to have them finished! Interestingly enough Casey Laulala sat next to me in my exam today. Weird!

2 years today since I went flatting. It's gone so fast.

Sorry Kate, still nothing interesting to say.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

For Kate

Kate told me to blog and I told her I don't have anything to blog about and she said just to blog anyway so here I am. Blogging about nothing.

I've finally realised that life isn't at all like the movies. There isn't always happy endings or endings where everything works out, there are never going to be movie moments when he says "be with me, I love you" and, most importantly,I don't look fabulous in the morning. It's a shame and a bit of a let down to understand all this. But life goes on. (See Kate I really do have nothing to blog about)

Rokocoko is wonderful (turns out he likes pizza). Mum is crazy (she keeps breaking into my house and doing my dishes and other such lovely things) and Dad is great (he doesn't mind when I just invite myself to stay at their house).

I'm in the middle of exams. Yay. I should be studying but I don't want to.

I went to a fantastic Japanese restaurant on Friday night. Sunny Garden. On Manchester and Hereford I believe. Loved it. Go there.

That's enough.