Monday, October 23, 2006

My Wee Boy

This is my beautiful baby. This is a picture of him the first day I got him so he's not looking very happy but he's cheered up heaps and is getting quite big already!

Big developments for him being that he has started purring and last night even managed to sleep the whole night without waking me up to play by scratching and biting me.

Also he adventured outside today without being encouraged to and managed to get a whole metre and a half away from my flat before running straight back inside. Hasn't quite mastered being outside without having his belly on the ground cos he's scared but he's still very little so there's no rush for him to play outside.

He's so funny eh.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A new addition to the Brown Family

I'd like to proudly announce the arrival of Rokocoko Brown. Yip I got a kitten. I am absolutely in love. Especially right now when he's asleep on his back on my knees while I type this. He is just so cute and relaxed. He's called Rokocoko after of course Joe Rokocoko cos he's black and fast. Well very dark brown. I thought about Sambuca or Asterix or Sivvy (Sivivatu, also an all black) but Rokocoko (Roko for short) just fits him best. He is 5 or 6 weeks old so very tiny. He's fluffy and just so cute. Funniest moment so far would be when he found the "other cat" in my mirror. He spent probably 10 minutes with his back arched and tail fat frozen to the spot staring down that other cat. I actually almost wet myself.

I missed him heaps at work today so came home at lunch time to see him and I'm so glad I did cos he had got himself stuck behind one of the chairs in my lounge. He's not so smart but so cute. Also his favourite toy appears to be his litter box (which luckily he does know how to use) and so he spends hours playing in. Second would have to be Pauls shoes whether he is wearing them or not. He doesn't like my shoes so much cos his claws get stuck on them and he feels like they're attacking him back!

Honestly cats are the best thing eh. They're so entertaining and there's nothing like a cuddle from a cat.

I had to take him to the vet yesterday because he has a cold (yes cats get colds and conjuncivitis) and he was so freaked out in the car until he found the back of my neck so he spent the most part of the trip cuddled into my neck. Must have looked very funny seeing a girl driving along with a tiny kitten on her neck.

Any how enough waffle about Roko. Catch ya later!