Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things from my travels

Things We Learnt:

1. No matter how amazing technology gets, there is still no better way to stop a vehicle rolling then to chuck wood behind the wheel. Even with an aeroplane:

2. When there is absolutely no space in the traffic, as in its bumper to bumper, a Bangkok taxi driver will still work his way through.

3. You can stare at someone on a train for as long as you like but sometimes you just can't tell if they're male or female.

4. You may think a motobike can only take 1 or 2 passengers but Thai and Cambodian people can always fit more on. For example, 5 family members or 3 gas cylinders, or 6 boxes or maybe a 2 or 3 metre piece of wood.

5. Food: sometimes you just don't know what you're eating. And you'll never know. Don't think about it.

6. Books: no matter how hard you try to give them away by leaving them in random places there will always be a nice person to come and try and give it back to you.

Quotes from our trip:

"Jo, can you remind me..."
"Stairs are a killer"
"Cold showers are great"
"This is so much funnier than it should be"

Possibly that section will only be funny to Kaija and me.

Cambodia and Thailand were amazing. I have loads of amazing photos to put up but I don't have time just now as tomorrow I move to Australia. Slightly stressed. I'll be fine I'm sure. I go to Melbourne for new years with my bro and his lovely Eva and then on Saturday I go to the Gold Coast. Should be fun times. Gonna miss Rokocoko an awful lot tho!!!

Stay tuned for updates on my adventures.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I'm a bit tired cos we just flew back to Bangkok from Siem Reap so this won't be a long or humorous post. Cambodia was amazing. It was so beautiful and the people were lovely and the food was great and the shopping was cheap. I miss it already! We're off to do a bit more shopping now and then back to crash at our hostel. We're off to Bann Kruit tomorrow for a few days. Very much in need of some beach time so that's what we're gonna do! Check our for where we're staying. Think its gonna be pretty amazing. I'll write more when I am awake and when I can put photos on which is probably when I'm back in christchurch.

Oh we went to Angkor yesterday. It was AMAZING! Google it if you don't know about it. We took some really great photos so stay tuned.

And Andrew, we're staying at Bangkok Centre Hostel in Bangkok. We stayed in Riverside Hotel in Phnom Penh and Mandalay Inn in Siem Reap. All awesome places.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Take a breath and...Walk!

That's something Kaija and I say a lot. Its how you cross the road here. I'm in Phnom Penh in Cambodia by the way. It's mad here. Absolutely no road rules but it works so well. We haven't seen any traffic accidents. People just drive through intersections and nobody hits each other. Its scary at first but now that I've watched it for a day I don't mind it at all. Crossing the road took ages for the first couple of times but now we see that you just keep on walking. Everyone moves for you and its no problem.

The money gap is massive here and so obvious. There's people begging everywhere and motorbikes and all that and then suddenly a brand new toyota hilux ute will drive past you or maybe a lexus, shiny and black. There's no in between.

There's dogs everywhere. I think its great because for me animals are a really reassuring thing. When I'm having a bad time there's nothing that'll make me feel better then playing with a dog or cat. And the animals here just don't care about humans eh. They sleep on the road or at the top of the stairs in the train station and won't even flinch when people walk past them. There's loads of puppies around. Its terrible at the same time though. These animals are homeless and hungry and we can't touch them cos of the fleas and sickness that they have. Its great but its so sad. Sometimes I just can't look eh.

Moving along. Today we went to the Russian Market which was awesome. Then Tol Sleun Museum or S.21. It was a school but the Khmer Rouge turned it into a prison. I think 14,000 prisoners went in and only 7 came out alive. They killed whole families because of the theory of "getting rid of the roots to get rid of the grass". It was hard to walk around but beautiful at the same time. After that we went to the Independence monument which wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped for. Next we tried to get go to the Royal Palace but couldn't get in cos one of us was wearing a tshirt. We also went to another market today but that wasn't as good as the Russian.

Tomorrow we are going up to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Should be fun eh.

There's so much to write but I forget by the time we finally find a Internet Cafe!

Oh we feel like celebrities here eh. Everywhere we go there's people asking us if we want rides on tuktuks or motos. It's hard out. They're really nice about it but by the end of today we are very tired of it. And when you walk anywhere near a stall they ask if you want to buy what they're selling. Or there's kids walking around selling water, glasses or books.

Better go. Tired now!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We have arrived!!

So we managed to make it to Bangkok, despite getting into the international departures lounge in Melbourne without a boarding pass or anything!! And Kaija getting stopped at every check point for having something wrong in her bag even though she didn't. And despite someone in Melbourne being dumb enough to refuel the wrong plane...does it not cross someone's mind that maybe the plane going to Sydney doesn't need 67,000 litres of fuel when it only takes about 12,000 to get there?? And that the one going to Bangkok might need fuel? So 2 hours of sitting on the tarmac later we got on our way.

We sat next to a lovely couple who were from Laos but have lived in Sydney for 30 years. And behind a priest who we're 97% certain wasn't actually a priest and after listening to his conversations we found out he thinks that the holocaust was fake and that 9/11 was a set up. Hmmm...and he had an american accent but claimed to not have been able to speak english until he got to australia. Hmmmm

Better to do!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

So yesterday I sat my last exam of my degree...its all done. Feels pretty good eh. No more assignments! No more exams! No more stupid 8am classes!

And monday Kaija and me go to Thailand. I've been packing today...bit of a mission! And I got attacked by the travel section of the chemist...dangerous!! So many convenient little bottles etc.

Keep checking for regular show off posts from overseas!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


This design is representing my family. The large koru at the top represents my parents, the 4 smaller koru on the sides represent my sisters and brother and me. The 2 bumps on the base of the top koru represent those who aren't with me.

Yes it hurts getting it, especially on the bone but it stops hurting as soon as the needle is taken off your skin.

Its a bit bigger than I had planned on but still really love it.

Here is Kaija's tattoo:

And if anyone is interested here is my other tattoo:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Jo's Top 5 Handy Hints for Voting

1. If you don't want to vote don't send your paper in. Sending in a blank form wastes time for ALL involved.

2. Don't write notes on the voting paper. No one who can do anything about it will read it and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the ones who do read it DON'T ACTUALLY CARE! You just look like a crazy person. There are however levels of crazy: to be in the lower levels avoid swearing at us and making spelling mistakes.

3. When you vote, don't cross out all the options you don't want. The programs used to read the voting paper can't differentiate between a tick and a cross and its annoying.

4. I know this will come as a shock to some people (actually a lot of people) but when the form asks for you to choose someone by placing one tick in a box that's actually what it means. It doesn't mean tick all the boxes, it doesn't mean number your first 3 preferences and under NO circumstances does it mean number all the boxes in your preference. It just wants one tick. Also if its asking a yes/no question about fluoride or something similar its highly unlikely that its asked you to tick both boxes so DON'T!

5. Combining 2 and 3: Don't write me a note explaining how you have crossed all the options you don't want to avoid your vote being tampered with. To be honest someone would have to be REALLY desperate to try and rig the Greymouth or Horowhenua or maybe Chathem Island local elections. And if by chance they're smart enough to do it they're more than likely smarter than the people who would actually have one it so consider yourself lucky.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things I've Learnt This Year (Just for you Andrew)

- Surfing is awesome.

- Breaking up is hard...but not as hard as finding out that as part of the separation agreement he gets pretty much all of your friends. No negotiation.

- May is not a good month. Bad things happen in May.

- Getting to the end of your degree is such a good feeling.

- Planning a holiday is ALMOST as much fun as actually going on it.

- How nice it is to find someone who loves you, on good days and bad, even when you're being unreasonable and who will laugh at your jokes (not cos they're funny, just cos you find them funny)

- That I REALLY hate people that come up to you and tell you that you should be smiling. Don't you think that if I felt like smiling I would be?!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm so over it! Is anyone else sick of hearing about how bad the police are? Get over it already! They make mistakes just like everyone else and I'm sure its only a small amount compared to all the good stuff they do. And if you don't want the police shooting people who are off their heads on party pills (that are "apparently" completely harmless) but you don't want them to use tasers what do you want them to do? Do you want to be hearing about the high amount of police being killed? Make up your minds NZ!! And how come its not ok for a police officer who gives 5 warnings to kill someone who's attacking them but its totally fine for us to be murdering our children every month? I'm so ashamed to be a New Zealander tonight.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Reading Adams death notices in today and yesterdays papers tonight made me cry. It is so terribly sad. I knew him 5 years ago when I was with James. A few months back I got in contact with James again and accidentally he's become one of my very closest friends. This last week has been so hard not being able to do anything to make him feel better, knowing he was at the hospital with Adam and especially when he said the life support was going to be switched off. It is so unfair that this family has to go through this. It wasn't anyones fault. It was one of those terribly tragic things that happens.

One of my friends told me last night that he also knew Adam. Of his group of friends 3 of them have died this year. I didn't know what to say to that. How do I, who hasn't lost anyone really close to me to death and has only been to one teenage funeral, say something to someone who has been to 3 this year alone?

Monday, August 27, 2007

So much travel, so little time!

So thought that cos I can I would tell you all what the next few months hold for me. Since my last post I have booked a few flights.

Here's the official and definitely gonna happen plan:

October - going to wellington for labour weekend to visit Nas and Ary and just to hang out with Kaija and whoever we meet!

November - Fly to Thailand on the 26th and Cambodia on the 29th (or around there)

December - Back to Thailand around the 2nd, to Melbourne on the 6th and back to Christchurch on the 12th. Then on the 31st fly back to Melbourne for new years with Lilly.

January - Around the 2nd or 3rd fly up to the Gold Coast, find a job and work there for a few months!

And here's my would like to happen and will see what happens plan:

March - come back to NZ for a couple of days for graduation and to catch up with family and friends.

June/July - go properly overseas! (Ausy doesn't count) More than likely meet Kaija wherever she is in the world or else head wherever sounds fun and I can get work.

I think that's all! Can't believe it eh. So much travel! I can't wait. Its so exciting to be going places and seeing and meeting people that I've wanted to do for ages. Its going to be so much fun going to places I've only ever heard and read about and to try new things and get out of my comfort zone that I've kept myself in for ages.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thought I better blog (don't want to join the hoards of people who have forgotten their blogs!). But then I realised I don't have much to say! So I'll give everyone a wee update of what's been happening in my world.

Well as most of you know I moved home about a month ago. Has been a million times easier than we all hoped which is good. Rokocoko is loving making himself king of the castle. Still very much a mummys boy though which is great.

It's only 96 days till we leave for Thailand (not that I'm counting). Have decided to cut Vietnam out of our plans because we don't have much time and are keen to spend a bit longer in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat (Cambodia). Its a shame but just means we'll have to go back! Suits me just fine.

Me Kaija and Carrissa went snowboarding for the first time a couple of weeks back. Carissa had been skiing before but for me and Kaija it was definitely a first! Fun times though, added to by our lovely instructor. Turns out I'm not very good but was so much fun and I'm very much hooked. Afterwards I realised that in the last year I've done 3 things that I've really wanted to do but always consider too cool for me. I've learnt to surf, snowboard and I got a tattoo. It's a good feeling to be doing stuff I want and not holding back cos of what others might think.

Not much else to report really. Can't wait for this semester to end cos it means I will have my degree! Yay! Making big plans for next year too which is exciting. Its great to have so many options and to not have any excuses left of why I shouldn't do them.

Friday, July 20, 2007

To My Anonymous Commenter

Well firstly thanks for taking the time to read back over my blog. I'm secretly (well not so secretly now I guess) stoked that anyone takes the time to read my latest post let alone taking the time to read back over my past ramblings. I may not agree with what you said but I write what I think and not to make everyone agree with me so I'm happy to have other people write their points too.

I'm not going to comment on the drug debate cos I've said what I think and I don't know enough about the subject to get any further into it. To me it's a bit like the evolution/creation debate. I believe in creation. It's a faith thing. I won't enter into a debate with someone who believes in evolution because I don't know enough about the subject to intelligently back my views up. And really I'm not going to convince them of their ignorance just as they won't convince me of mine.

On a side note I'd like to add a couple of rules to commenting on my blog.
1. No name calling - we're all adults here
2. If you need to comment from anonymous could you please put your name at the end? Its a wee bit weak to make a statement and then not stand behind it and lets be honest, its down right annoying to not know who it is! This is not aimed at negative comments, it's aimed at ALL comments from "anonymous"! :)

Ok I'm stopping now. Not even sure if this all makes sense! My head hurts.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thoughts from tonight

"One of the greatest feelings in life is the conviction that you have lived the life you wanted to live - with the rough and the smooth, the good and the bad - but yours, shaped by your own choices, and not someone else's." - Michael Ignatieff

"What has happened to you is not who you are" - Heather Brown

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Opinion on

As usual my procrastination has led me to the website. A headline in the Editors' Picks grabbed my attention: Promoting promiscuity under guise of Safe Sex. This article started well and had the potential to have a few good points but lost me at the end with his sudden ending that it was a lesbian Labour MPs fault (he says her sexuality is relevant but I'm really not sure how, is he saying that homosexuals can't have a passion to help the damaged youth in NZ or that they can't have an opinion on family matters?)

I'm not really sure of the point of this post, I think I'm just disappointed that this guy had such a good platform and point to raise on the issue of teen pregnancy and all that (did anyone else feel sick ready about the abortion rates of 11-14 year olds in NZ doubling?) and he dropped the ball on this one by blaming it on someone that probably didn't deserve it and by not actually giving us solutions. Simply pointing out the problem is not enough in my opinion. It's like telling me I have a terminal disease and then sending me home when I should be also told what I can do to fix the problem or at least alleviate the pain.

Do people really get paid to write rubbish and unfinished articles these days? If so can I please apply for that job?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things I love

It's been a crap day. Just rubbish. So I think I'm gonna make myself feel better by making a list of things I love (in no particular order). Feel free to comment with your lists.

1. Female Celebrites: Joe Cotton and Victoria Beckham. I don't care what everyone says. They're fantastic. They are gorgeous, funny, real/natural. I've read both of Victoria's books and she completely changed my views on magazines. I've gone from easily buying 2 or more a week to not being able to remember the last time I brought one. When I do read them I spend the whole time looking at how the photos have been edited and how absolutely ridiculous the stories are! These girls are cool.

2. Cooking shows - love them.

3. Games shows - just can't get enough!

4. Music videos - I'm amazed by these, I could probably watch them all day. How great to get a whole story/movie into 3-4 minutes. Of course I don't love all of them but lots are so good. My special favourite at the moment: Nickelback: Saving Me.

5. Rokocoko - he's so great. (Hahaha he's dreaming right now! Twitching in his sleep beside me)

6. CSI Las Vegas, Greys Anatomy and Prison Break.

7. My new boots. Yeah. Hot.

8. Music and Fashion. How amazing that after so long people are still coming out with new and different things.

9. Kiwi adverts. How funny are they! The people who come up with some ads are just so talented. Beyond me!

10. Making plans - how great that when things are at their lowest the thought of something that is coming up can make me feel a bit better.

11. Tattoos and piercings. When they're done right they so good. I have both. Love them.

12. My family, Lilly, Kaija and the others who know who they are. You know I wouldn't be here without you. (This is getting soppy, its not meant to)

13. Chocolate. Honestly. It's how I keep my stunning figure. Love it.

14. Travelling. I haven't done much yet but it's gonna be so great. I can't wait to see the things I've only ever seen pictures of. Look out Asia eh Kaija!

That's enough. I probably could keep going but I won't.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Good Boyfriend vs The Bad Boyfriend

I have 2 cats. One is called Fergue, she lives with my parents and we've had her for about 16 years I think. The other is Rokocoko who I've talked about before. He's almost 10 months and lives with me at my flat. I have spent a lot of time with both of these cats recently and I have come up with an analogy to explain my relationship with these 2 cats. Mum and Dad have been heard to refer to Fergue as the Bad Boyfriend instead of by name ("Did the Bad Boyfriend sleep with you last night?").


As you may have picked up Fergue is the Bad Boyfriend. I know she loves me. She's my cat and we've been together for years. But Fergue never shows me this. When I pick her up she meows like I'm hurting her, she sleeps with her back to me and she will never come when I call her. But I know she loves me cos she never runs away when I pick her up or put her in my bed. She purrs when I pat her, she sleeps on my bed and I've been told she mopes around and is generally pathetic when I'm not there. She's the Bad Boyfriend cos even though she loves me the most she will never show me.

(Not such a good picture, he's eating my breakfast)

But Rokocoko is the Good Boyfriend. He's so so happy to see me even if I've only been out for a minute, he comes when I call him (not to anyone else), he purrs all the time and loves nothing better than to sleep as close to me as he can get. In recent times he's taken to following me EVERYWHERE! No matter where I am in the house he'll be there right by me. Lying on the floor, sitting on the couch, talking on the phone (I caught him actually trying to answer the phone the other day), in bed, the kitchen, the shower (yes the shower) or even (this is a little gross) the toilet. Today I could hear him meowing the whole time I was in the shower cos I'd shut the door and he couldn't get in to sit in his usual spot. Rokocoko is the Good Boyfriend because he loves me unconditionally and he's not afraid to show it.

And as always I love them both. A girl can't resist the boyfriend who adores who but also the bad boy (or girl in this case) that doesn't treat her so well but she still loves.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just breathe

It's been a pretty massive last 10 days for my family, some friends and I. At this stage I won't go into all the details. Its been rough and it's not over yet for me but we'll be right! (She'll be right mate!)

The exciting thing though is that Kaija and I are going on holiday!!! We're spending 10 days in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia (not sure about Laos at this stage, not big fans of land mines) and then just under a week in Melbourne. It's gonna be AMAZING! We leave on the last day of my degree (Nov 26). We're going to go to Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Siam Reap, Ko Samoi and see things like markets, the Killing Fields, the Bridge of the River Kwai, Angkor Wat, ride elephants and play on the beach. We're are of course overly excited which is expected but a little hard to handle when it's so far away!!!

I'm sure you'll all get bored of me going on about it so I'll stop for now. I need a wee rant. The other day saw a girl I know (We shall call Girl A) and she mentioned another girl (Girl B) and when I asked how Girl B was Girl A started to say something and then goes "no I won't gossip". Now this has been annoying me for SO long. Firstly, if you're not going to tell me something dont' be a loser and start saying it and then stop. Secondly, where is the line between gossip and generally catching up with people? If something is happening for Girl B I'd love to know about it cos she meant loads to me when we knew eachother. I have no way of finding Girl B so if I can hear how she's going from someone else that'd be great. And thirdly, how did I come out of the conversation looking like the bad person?? Girl A, in that one sentence ("I won't gossip") had made me look like such a bad person for wanting to gossip about people and all I had wanted to know was how Girl B was! Ugh!!!

Incidently Girl A is also the person who ALWAYS asks when they see me if I'm going to church. No I'm not going to church, I'm comfortable with this, it doesn't make me a lesser person at ALL, it doesn't mean that I don't believe in God and are no longer Christian. It means that at this stage of my life I haven't found anywhere that I feel safe and comfortable to be me. I don't "fit" in church and you can argue this point with me for as long as your heart desires but that's how it is. (Take a breath Jo). I think I will be avoiding Girl A like the plague in future.

I'm sure I had something else good to write about but I've forgotten it. Rokocoko is so so cool. Honestly.

Oh did I mention I'm going to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Melbourne? Yip. Gonna be AWESOME! eh Kaija.

Monday, April 30, 2007


I had my second exam today. Last one is on Wednesday. Will be so glad to have them finished! Interestingly enough Casey Laulala sat next to me in my exam today. Weird!

2 years today since I went flatting. It's gone so fast.

Sorry Kate, still nothing interesting to say.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

For Kate

Kate told me to blog and I told her I don't have anything to blog about and she said just to blog anyway so here I am. Blogging about nothing.

I've finally realised that life isn't at all like the movies. There isn't always happy endings or endings where everything works out, there are never going to be movie moments when he says "be with me, I love you" and, most importantly,I don't look fabulous in the morning. It's a shame and a bit of a let down to understand all this. But life goes on. (See Kate I really do have nothing to blog about)

Rokocoko is wonderful (turns out he likes pizza). Mum is crazy (she keeps breaking into my house and doing my dishes and other such lovely things) and Dad is great (he doesn't mind when I just invite myself to stay at their house).

I'm in the middle of exams. Yay. I should be studying but I don't want to.

I went to a fantastic Japanese restaurant on Friday night. Sunny Garden. On Manchester and Hereford I believe. Loved it. Go there.

That's enough.

Monday, March 12, 2007

40 Hour Famine

I'm doing the famine and I need all you lovely people to
sponsor me PLEASE!!! You can do it online at:

You know you want to! You know you should!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

8 Years

Today it is 8 years since my Mum had a stroke. It was a Saturday morning. Dad woke me up just after 10 and told me what had happened. I remember that I had heard Mum's car leave in the morning and thought it was Dad going to get the paper. It was actually Mum and Ginette coming to tell Dad that they were going to the hospital.

I remember trying to get hold of Deb and Jeremy but I'm not sure I did. I think Shaz or Dad must have. Then trying Alan Webster. I am still overwhelmed by his reaction. He didn't make excuses or say he'd be at the hospital when he could, he asked where she was and he went straight there. He was there I think before everyone except Dad. He dropped everything to be with us that day and I think his doing that was the best reaction anyone could have done for me then.

Shaz and I spent the morning playing the card game speed.

I went with Mum to her first Physio session. It was very hard for both of us but at the end she walked which gave me hope that nothing else could have. If she could walk it would all be ok.

I think it was Norma Pheasant that organised meals for us. Every night for a long time someone in the church prepared a meal for us. I never knew who it was but it was so generous.

Mum was in hospital for 10 weeks I think. I saw her no more than twice (possibin that time on my own. She was transferred out to Burwood Hospital and it was too far for me to get there. We wrote letters to each other via Visitor Post (usually Dad or Shaz) and that helped.

A couple of years later at Easter Camp Jenny McDonnell prayed for me that my relationship with Mum would be restored. I remember crying that night and all I wanted from Mum was a hug with both arms. On the Monday when I got home Mum gave me the usual one armed hug but then she used both her arms. She laughed and said "That's the first time I've done that!"

A month before the stroke a couple of, what I had thought were, random things happened. Mum had gotten me and Shaz one day and said it was time we learnt how to use the washing machine and clean the toilet. I remember thinking Mum had lost it. Also we both got our Learners Licences. This meant that afterwards, even though Mum couldn't physically drive, we could drive her while she was our licensed supervisor thingy person.
Most people were amazing. I do remember though on the Monday afterward when I was back at school, that I was crying in class and my "friend" told me to stop it, that God was in control and that I shouldn't be sad. This friend had lost her dad only a few years before so I would have thought she would have been understanding yet she had NO idea. Note to everyone: NEVER do that. If you can't think of anything to say just sit with the person, that's probably all they need.
Also the doctor that first day who told us it was just a mild stroke. My uncle had had a mild stroke and been out the same day. Mum's was hardly a mild stroke.
I'm not sure why I'm writing all this. I think it's more for me to remember rather than for other people to read about it. I don't remember most of that time fortunately. 8 years is such a long time but to be honest it still feels like last year.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Last Weekend

Last weekend I flew to Sydney and met Lilly there (she came up from Melbourne). We stayed at Bondi Beach which was spectacular. On the Friday morning we learnt to surf, neither of us got up but I didn't drown so I was happy. The water was AMAZING!

These photos were taken just after our surf lesson.

Famous People We Saw (in order of coolness):
5. Dr Bart from Mercy Peak
4. One of the twins that one Aus Big Brother
3. Eddie Maguire (He was on Lillys plane and he came off just before her)
2. Mark Hewlett - Grand Champion of Fear Factor (US), was on Treasure Island couples (NZ) too.
1. Alf from Home and Away - he was just walking down the street! Almost the highlight of our trip!

Here's a sign I saw in the Circular Quay toilets:

My smile was taken away by the sign beside the hand dryers ("Have you been sexually assaulted? Call this number" - does that happen often in these toilets???)

I think Quote of the Weekend goes to me. During our surfing lesson I said to Lilly "Lucky there's no cameras eh!". Later she pointed out that they were filming Bondi Rescue on the beach that day! Do TV camera's not count Jo??

On Saturday we went out to Sydney and did a wee bit of shopping. For dinner we went to Doyles which is in Circular Quay. We were on the second floor, out the window to my left was the Harbour Bridge and in front of me was the Opera House. It was fantastic.

I flew Emirates which is probably the best airline ever. I got a 5 course meal each way and you get your own DVD player with heaps of movies and stuff. 2 odd things happened though, in the toilets (do I talk about toilets a lot??) there's a sign on the right that says No Smoking and then on the left there's a wee ashtray in the door. What's that about?? And the airhostess came around and asked if I wanted lamb or cod, I asked for the lamb and she goes "sorry we don't have any left". Why did she ask if I wanted it if she didn't have any???

It was so good seeing Lil again. I think we might have caught up on the months we've been apart! Saying good bye was so hard though. She's a good girl.