Friday, February 27, 2009

10 years today

I'm not really sure what to write but I feel like because today is a big deal to me and I've thought about it a lot that maybe getting it written would be a good idea.

Today it is 10 years since my mum had a stroke. I don't know what the exact diagnosis was but definitely to my 15 year old self it was a massive stroke. She spent about 1 month in Public hospital and then another 2 in Burwood. I think I saw her once on my own in that time. I remember some of my friends and teachers being so amazing. I remember one friend being just awful. Telling me to toughen up, God was in control. Just cos he's in control doesn't mean I wasn't scared and upset!!

It was a Saturday. I remember hearing mums car and cos I knew she was away for the weekend I thought it must have been dad going to get the paper or something. Not long after that dad came in and woke me up. I know now it was mum and Ginny coming to tell dad what had happened. I remember me and Shaz playing speed for hours. Can't play that game now without thinking of it. Still a great game though. I remember how amazing it was to me that the families in the church cooked us meals and that they did it for so long. At first it was every night and then after a while it was every second until we were able to look after ourselves.

I remember a month before hand mum making me stop what I was doing so she could teach me how to use the washing machine and clean a toilet. I remember being like why on earth would I need to know that but realise now it was us being prepared.

I remember the doctor in the ER telling us that it was a minor stroke and that she'd be out in a week or so. I knew my uncle had had a minor stroke and been out the same day. I guess if I'd known how bad it was though I wouldn't have coped.

I remember writing mum letters and getting others to deliver them and when she was allowed home she'd leave one for me.

About a year later I went on an easter camp. I cried for probably hours one night because I realised that I really didn't feel like I had a mum. I had a girl I know pray for me that'd I'd get that relationship back. All I wanted that night was for my mum to hug me with both arms. She couldn't do that at the time. When I got back from the camp, it may have been that day or just a couple later, mum hugged me. But then she brought up her other arm and hugged me with both arms and she was like oh that's the first time I've been able to do that, like it was so not a big deal to me!! If she only knew.

I remember mums first physio at Public. I went with her and at first it was awful for both of us. they put this stupid big blow up arm on her and tried to get her to move her arm. Even I could see that have plastic around your arm on a vinyl bench was making it even harder for her! But then at the end they let her try and walk and she could and that made it all ok. Her arm might not have been great but she could walk. I think we both felt better after that.

I remember mum made friends with random characters when she was in hospital. The lady who owned the Mitre Tavern in Lyttelton who we later went to visit. I think there was a russian sailor in Burwood. Someone who could only talk with a machine.

I remember putting a fake tattoo on her as a laugh and then it hadn't worn off when she went to water therapy and how embarrassed she was when people saw!!

There's so many things to say about it. I guess my overwhelming feelings are how much stuff has happened since then that mum has got to be a part of, like new grandchildren and trips overseas and also how glad I am that she's here. Would be lost without you and dad! But I think you already know that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 things about me

There's this thing on Facebook going around where you have to write 25 things about yourself. I really didn't think I could do it so cos I have I figure I'll post it. Here tis:

1. I'm pretty sure I can't think of 25 things about myself that are worth writing down.

2. I became an aunty for the first time when I was 9. It was awesome. I now have 2 nephews (13 and 7) and 1.5 neices (15 and -6 weeks)

3. I am possibly the only girl on earth that CAN'T STAND The Princess Bride movie

4. If I'm having a bad day nothing cheers me up like a shower and a sleep

5. I'm scared of the dark.

6. The only thing I miss about highschool is being "forced" to play sport. I left school when I was 16.

7. I used to teach hip hop dance

8. Between the ages of about 15 and 22 I did youth work in Waltham and loved it.

9. Family means more to me then anything

10. I can't handle horror movies, not even being told about them!

11. I can't remember how many times I've had my belly button pierced. I don't have it at the moment. I've currently got 7 piercings. Don't get excited, you can see all of them.

12. I have a cat called Rokocoko (and it's said Rokothoko!!!)

13. I struggle watching sport cos it annoys me not being able to just get in there and do it myself!

14. Until I was 8 or 9 I lived in a very strict religious cult

15. I'm stoked I've got to 15. I'm still pretty sure I can't get to 25. I've had to ask my flatmates 3 times for help already.

16. I played soccer and volleyball at highschool

17. I learnt Maori for 4 years at highschool. For 2 reasons, I loved the language and the boys were hot!

18. I love photography

19. I have 2 tattoos, one on my wrist and one on my back. I've had the one on my wrist for ages, before it was cool even!

20. I'd love to lose 15-20 kgs

21. I wish I could win lotto. For so many reasons! I don't want to buy tickets though. I think it's a waste of my money

22. I'm scared of the sea. It's too big and strong. I love deep sea fishing!

23. I don't have any grandparents. I only ever met one and that was my grandad.

24. (Almost at 25!!!!) I had dreds once. Just for a few days, had to take them out for school. I loved them.

25. I like having dark brown hair the best but everyone says I look better blonde.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happiness is baking with Aunty Jo...

Waiting for poached eggs afterwards

Monday, February 02, 2009

Books Books Books

So I'm onto book number 8 of the year and as you know you can see the ones I've read on the right. I feel that I should point out that this is NOT a recommended reading list but only what I have read this year. Some of the books are no good at all but then others are brilliant.

James started highschool today. Crazy to think of my wee boy going to highschool! He was very excited though so that's all good.

So much to write but just don't know how to put it into words so it will have to wait for another day. I thought up a post last night when I couldn't sleep but now it just seems a bit hard out. Will have a think and maybe put it up another time.