Monday, November 23, 2009

My gorgeous man

How flash does he look in this suit? It's one we got made for him in Thailand.

And these are some beautiful flowers that got delivered to me at work on Friday. Just cos he wanted to tell me he loved me. Awwww!

A couple of other favourites

These are some pictures I took from our trip through Tibet. Just love the sharp blue sky!

This is my gorgeous Lulu. I miss her heaps, if only she could have come home with me!

Panoramas from our trip

This is Nepal:

This is Kathmandu, Nepal:

This is the Great Wall of China (see going from the right over the top of the mountain?):

This is Kharola Glacier in Tibet:

This is the Bridge Over The River Kwai in Thailand:

And this is my favourite of all...Tibet. Isn't it beautiful?:

If you click on the pictures they can be viewed a lot bigger I believe.