Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kiwi Cakes: Silicone chocolate moulds at great prices

Seriously I want this so bad!! How amazing is the fashion mould?? I might actually cry if these sell out before I get one.

Kiwi Cakes: Silicone chocolate moulds at great prices: "It's not often I can source silicone chocolate moulds at great prices, so I was thrilled to find these 2 Silikomart moulds from Italy. Dino..."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plan of Attack

As 278 suggested there was more to my holiday then just reading and relaxing...Tahu and I got engaged! It was lovely and perfect and he is by far the best thing ever and we can't wait to be married. I have so much more to say on it but my mind is on other things right this minute so that can wait for another post tonight.

Running. That's what I'm thinking about. There is 19 weeks til the Real Womens Duathlon that you may remember my family doing earlier this year. I completed in just over an hour and so this time I want to do it in less than an hour. And I think 19 weeks is plenty to train for. So here's the plan:

Starting tomorrow I will do Couch to 5K. This is a training program to get you from nothing to running 5km in 9 weeks. That will get me to 10 weeks til the duathlon and they have a training program that takes that long to get ready for it. They have 3 actually. Walk, Jog or Run. I will run this time.

Weeks 19-10 I will do Couch to 5Km
Weeks 10-0 I will do their Run/Bike/Run training program.

I will be fit
I will lose weight
I will achieve something
I will be back into exercising
I will have ACCOMPLISHED something

I really want to do it. I hope I can. I'm starting off super quietly so surely I can build up to it (typing with my fingers crossed here).

Keep an eye out for updates at the end of each week or so.