Monday, August 27, 2007

So much travel, so little time!

So thought that cos I can I would tell you all what the next few months hold for me. Since my last post I have booked a few flights.

Here's the official and definitely gonna happen plan:

October - going to wellington for labour weekend to visit Nas and Ary and just to hang out with Kaija and whoever we meet!

November - Fly to Thailand on the 26th and Cambodia on the 29th (or around there)

December - Back to Thailand around the 2nd, to Melbourne on the 6th and back to Christchurch on the 12th. Then on the 31st fly back to Melbourne for new years with Lilly.

January - Around the 2nd or 3rd fly up to the Gold Coast, find a job and work there for a few months!

And here's my would like to happen and will see what happens plan:

March - come back to NZ for a couple of days for graduation and to catch up with family and friends.

June/July - go properly overseas! (Ausy doesn't count) More than likely meet Kaija wherever she is in the world or else head wherever sounds fun and I can get work.

I think that's all! Can't believe it eh. So much travel! I can't wait. Its so exciting to be going places and seeing and meeting people that I've wanted to do for ages. Its going to be so much fun going to places I've only ever heard and read about and to try new things and get out of my comfort zone that I've kept myself in for ages.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thought I better blog (don't want to join the hoards of people who have forgotten their blogs!). But then I realised I don't have much to say! So I'll give everyone a wee update of what's been happening in my world.

Well as most of you know I moved home about a month ago. Has been a million times easier than we all hoped which is good. Rokocoko is loving making himself king of the castle. Still very much a mummys boy though which is great.

It's only 96 days till we leave for Thailand (not that I'm counting). Have decided to cut Vietnam out of our plans because we don't have much time and are keen to spend a bit longer in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat (Cambodia). Its a shame but just means we'll have to go back! Suits me just fine.

Me Kaija and Carrissa went snowboarding for the first time a couple of weeks back. Carissa had been skiing before but for me and Kaija it was definitely a first! Fun times though, added to by our lovely instructor. Turns out I'm not very good but was so much fun and I'm very much hooked. Afterwards I realised that in the last year I've done 3 things that I've really wanted to do but always consider too cool for me. I've learnt to surf, snowboard and I got a tattoo. It's a good feeling to be doing stuff I want and not holding back cos of what others might think.

Not much else to report really. Can't wait for this semester to end cos it means I will have my degree! Yay! Making big plans for next year too which is exciting. Its great to have so many options and to not have any excuses left of why I shouldn't do them.