Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Yesterdays Post...

Today I read Warwicks blog. He is someone who I have only met once or twice but I really like how he writes so I read his blog every day. Anyhow today he talked about how there's so much bad stuff but there is good stuff too (well that's what I got out of it) and it reminded me of the blog I was going to write yesterday. So here it is:

Things that made me smile:
1. The daffodils everywhere. The girl on the bus had one and there is loads in Hagley Park now. It reminds me of when I was little and I'd spend ages in the backyard with lego people creating them lives in the daffodils. Houses, families, lives. Was so much fun. I wish I could do it again but I wonder if I wouldn't be able to make them as interesting as when I was little! (Side thought: does realising the world isn't all good take away my creativity and ability to make up stories like I did when I was little?)

2. The guy behind me on the bus that was singing. You know, the guy who is listening on his walkman and singing along. This usual makes me laugh at them but this time I was glad he was doing it. He was happy and enjoying the music and he didn't care (or didn't know) that I could hear him. He was focused on something he was enjoying and not held down by bad stuff on the news or friends that aren't so good.

3. Walking through the atrium at tec I could smell that justmowedgrass smell. It has to be the best smell in the world. beats (only just) the smell of mums cooking. It never fails to make my day. Was even better that I was inside and as far as I could tell no doors were open. Not sure why. Just made it better. Maybe cos it means good things can get anywhere.

This is a fairly lame post. But like Warwick's my blog and I'll do what I want!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am disappointed

Today Brent Todd was named in relation to the drug trial up in Auckland. In his defence, he denies buying, selling or supplying drugs. And so I'm intrigued as to what he is going to be charged with. Possession maybe? I don't know.

But whatever it is I'm disappointed that it is him. I'm not sure exactly how old he is but he must be at least 40s. He's too old to do drugs. He's got kids. Parents shouldn't do drugs. He's a celebrity/sports stars so therefore a role model. Role models shouldn't do drugs.

And I understand that he's not just all those things. That he's a normal human being who probably just wants to have fun and so maybe his doing drugs is his fun but surely with all those things adding against him he should have known better.

As I write this I feel like some of my readers are going "yes Jo drugs are bad - what's the point in blogging about it" and all my other readers are going "get over it Jo it's just drugs - what's the point in blogging about it" but I am not writing this blog to please anyone. This is me just saying what I'm thinking as a way to reach a point for myself. And I'm writing it on this blog (as opposed to a journal which no one else would read) because I think it's important if you choose to be my friend that you know where I stand. Please understand that this isn't aimed at anyone it's just me writing.

So here's what I think about drugs: I wouldn't do them myself but I really don't care if one of my friends does them. I get the young people want to experiment. Until they reach a point. Until I think adulthood should really set in and they should realize it's just not cool. (I can hear the gasps now) Yes I think that as there is a minimum age for alcohol there is also a maximum age for drugs but it's just not as obvious.

And this age differs for people obviously. Like it's as young as 18 or 16 for some because that is when they become parents. I think when you become a parent you have to stop that kind of thing. But then there's those of us who don't have kids yet. So what's the age then? Personally (and here's where people will disagree with me) I think 30s. But I guess that's gonna differ for everyone. I think 30s you're definately an adult and there's nothing wrong with being an adult.

I don't know how to finish this blog. I don't know if I've got across my point. But maybe that doesn't matter. I hope this has all made sense.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm procrastinating...

Despite all my best laid plans, when I actually sit down to do my assignments I just can't be bothered. And so here I am blogging. About nothing exciting. Just blogging. Cos I can.

It seems the theme of this week is to join the gym or something similar. On 3 blogs currently (not quite currently cos Kate hasn't actually posted hers yet but I know its coming) the bloggers are joining the gym or becoming healthy (possibly there's a difference). And last night I had a long conversation about how me and Paul are gonna join the gym in a month or so, so that the 3 month membership will expire just before I go to Melbourne and at the start of Summer and we will both be attractive creatures. Well that's the plan. Maybe we should all have a competition. Maybe by 1 December we should be either at or well on our way to our goal weights. We all put in $10 and the person or people who are at the goal weights get to split the money. Could be incentive. Could be a waste of time.

Well what do we think? Shaz? Jase? Kate? Anyone else who's interested?

Monday, August 08, 2005

My flats under quarantine...

Well it's not really but maybe it should be. Maybe we should all be in isolation.

This morning I got up to find not 1, not 2 but 5 of my flatmates are sick. In the lounge was Chris, Janine, Derek, Si and Corey. And Paul was still in bed sick. And I know that's 6 people. I think Corey just had the day off. But just you wait...his time will come. Moira is just getting over this flu and that leaves me and Matilda that aren't sick. Well not yet. Lets hope we can avoid it!

And I think I got out of bed on the wrong side today. It's one of those I the only one that has them? Everything annoys me. People annoy me. The weather annoys me. Being at tec annoys me. Having so much work to do annoys me. I just want to curl up under a rock and not be annoyed anymore. How good is bed going to be tonight.

Not my best post ever. But an honest one. I don't think I'm honest enough these days. Always trying to please other people. I will post again later to prove that I am not an unhappy girl but just not an always happy girl.