Monday, December 31, 2012

As another year closes

My poor blog has been so neglected this year! But it's been a mad year! In fact I just looked to try and find my "end of year/new year" post from last year but there isn't one! How am I supposed to remember what I had planned for this year?? Well I think it's safe to say that whatever I had planned may not have happened but an awful lot of other stuff has!

2012 started with Tahu and I getting married on the 5th of January. It was a fantastic day, people still talk to us about how great it was! You can read all about it here and our vows here.

That first week of being married turned out to be pretty spectacular for us as 9 months later our darling son Knox was born. He is now 14 weeks old and fast asleep in our bed. He's full of smiles and laughs and is just the most amazing thing to ever happen to us. Cliche I know but so true. Every day, every hour even, we're always saying to each other "man our son is AMAZING!"

Tahu is halfway through his building apprenticeship now. He's working for a really great guy and actually enjoys going to work which is great! I am about to go back to work but only part time. I have been so fortunate to land a job that I enjoy, that pays well and that I could alter once I had Knox so that I only work 10 hours in the office and 10 hours at home. And my wonderful mum will look after Knox while I'm in the office. It has made a huge difference to our lives to have jobs that we enjoy!

Tahu's band is doing great things. He's currently at sound check for their new years gig at The Dux which is probably the best gig you could get in Christchurch. The Merchants of Flow have also just played at Rhythm and Alps and even featured on the TV One News. Keep an eye out for them in 2013. We have high hopes!

Last year wasn't all highs though. Two days before Knox was born I lost one of my best friends. She is missed every day. You can read about her here but there will be plenty more written to and about my amazing Meredith I'm sure. Two days after Knox was born we lost another friend Judah in a motor accident. It was a very hard week and sometimes it hurts me that the deaths of two fantastic young people are so closely linked to the birth of our boy but then other times I know that it means they will never be forgotten and their legacies can be continued through Knox and his story. I'll write more on that another time I think though.

So now looking forward, what does this coming year bring for me? Here's my hopes/resolutions:

1. Lose weight! I say it every year but this year I have plans for it and I am tired of feeling like this. Combined with this is that I want to start running again. Bring it on! First goal is running 5km without stopping, second goal is 10km.

2. Learn Te Reo - Knox is here now, no more excuses! We want him to be able to speak both languages and that starts with us learning it first!

3. Keep a journal - Tahu gave me a beautiful journal (that I picked in Melbourne) and I have missed writing so much and so I'm going to write in here more but also keep a journal again. It's good for me to be able to get out what I'm thinking but also to be able to look back and remember. And the first year as a mum is going to be a pretty important year to remember!

4. Pay off debt. Ideally all of it and save some money too but will see how we go.

5. Read more! I love reading, almost as much as I like buying books! (Sorry Tahu). This year I have either not been able to read cos was busy/sick or got stuck on a crap book (The Slap) and so couldn't move on! So this year, I shall read! Also good because I don't need two hands. I can do it while I'm breastfeeding!

I'm sure there's more I want to do but as Knox is awake now I shall have to think of them another time.

2012 was amazing. Yes it had a couple of painful moments but it was also a really great year for us. I am excited to see what next year brings!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

We have smiles!

Why I Do What I Do

This saying pops into my head a lot these days. I'm a new parent and I think I'm doing ok but learning more all the time.

I get given a lot of advice and I always give what I'm told two tests. Firstly, is it logical? And secondly, does it feel ok? What's my natural instinct telling me about this. And so I pick and choose what I follow and then I feel like if I have to explain it, it comes under the title: Why I Do What I Do.

And so I'll try and write posts so I can remember and learn and I'll tag them with that title so it's easy to find them. I've written my first one which is about breastfeeding in public. I'm sure there will be more!

Inspiration right when I needed it

I am incredibly lucky to be able to breast feed Knox. It was painful at first but so easy right from the first moments. He's a natural! Because of this I feed him whenever he needs it or if its been a couple of hours no matter where we are. My theory is that it's better to be breastfeeding in public then to have a crying baby! But I feel weird about it. I'm nervous of what people think and say. I worry! But if he needs food then he needs it! So I've fed him standing in a very long queue at the post office or on the chair for old people in the chemist and all sorts of unusual places. And I'm super subtle about it because I want you seeing my nipple even less then you want to see it! But I just feel weird.

So yesterday I was browsing Instagram and found this picture of a singer that I really admire (love!!) breastfeeding her wee girl in a restaurant in Paris. And I felt great. Like it's not just full on breastfeeding nazis that feed in unusual places. I'm ok. I don't have to worry so much. What a relief!

How strange though that a celebrity breastfeeding in a restaurant has done more for me then any other person feeding their baby in public!

Oh I'm also that person giving her baby a bottle as she walks around ikea!

But I think this is ok. I think it's great actually that Knox will feed and sleep anywhere anytime. As long as he has me we can go out anywhere. In fact I'm writing this post in Melbourne. At the tender age of 9 weeks he has already travelled to another country and he was an absolute star on the trip! Just grizzly from when we landed but he got over that easily.

So I will remind myself of Pink and this picture next time I feel weird. And I'll be ok!