Friday, September 23, 2005

Denise and Denephews

I'm gutted cos someone recently did the Denise and Denephew joke on their blog and now I can't find it. It was very funny. If anyone doesn't know it, comment, and I'll write it as best I can remember it.

And it's not really even relevent to my post, just thought it was a good lead on into it.

On Wednesday night I dragged Paul along to watch my neice Chrissy (she's 12) and my nephew James (he's 9) perform in their school "Showbiz" concert thingy. And it was so worth it. They were awesome. Chrissy did a dance with about 6 other girls her age to Blame it on the Boogie by the Jackson 5. She was amazing! Some people when they dance concentrate hard and watch what the others are doing to keep in time but not Chrissy, she is so effortless and natural when it comes to dancing and I was so proud.

James was next and he was in the kapahaka. They did Poi-e (a maori song for all you people that don't know it) and then a wee haka thingy and he was so cool. He had a wee mohawk going on and got into it so much. I remember from my school kapahaka days and the boys never really got into it but James and the others were so good. They were doing it with all their passion and slapping their chests hard and it was brilliant.

Reuben (who's 3) obviously wasn't it in but I'll still post about him. Last sunday night I went to their house with Jeremy (he's over from Melbourne but going back today :( ) and Reuben was just so lovely. Late in the evening he gave Jeremy a big cuddle and goes "I love you more and more and more". We didn't tell him to say it he just did. And he's like that in loads of ways. Just so sweet and honest and cute. I am tempted to write all the cute things he did but I can imagine that most of you aren't that interested!! :) But he is lovely and wonderful. And if you want more stories just comment and I'll write them cos I'm the doting aunty who will talk about the kids for hours.

I'm so glad that they are my neices and nephews and I will never be able to say enough good things about them. It amazes me everytime I see them how cool they are and how much they love me and how much I love them. There's nothing quite like listening to them talking to me about anything or giving them hugs.

Dave and Deb: you did good. Thank heaps for them.

ps Deb did all the costumes for the concert and they were amazing, and Dave videoed it so it was quite the family event really!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Anyone remember watching Heartbeat??

It's been a while since I sat and read blogs, there's been so much work to do at tec and then having the last 4 days off. The main themes seem to be singleness, snow and politics.

Politics I'm over. Lets move on.

Snow was lovely to look at but very cold. I did however get 2 days off cos of it. Tec was closed on Monday and yesterday I woke up and decided one day just wasn't enough so I spent the day at home (apart from when we went out to do a few wee things we needed but I will talk about that later) with Paul just hanging out, playing on the net, cooking and relaxing. I had been so busy the last few weeks with my 50 million assignments and then the same again in exams it was nice to have time off and just hang out. I know next week is holidays but I'm working for the whole 2 weeks so its no holiday for me. One thing that I don't understand about the snow is that several people have said to me that it's not that much snow...hello people it's late September!! Any snow is a lot!

So our wee trip out of the house was funny though. Pauls phone get stolen on the weekend so we had to go report it to the police so that Vodafone could cancel it. So we went to the station near us which is Riccarton. Walking in the door we were wondered if we had stepped back in time. This old guy on the desk and posters on the wall advertising that from 1 January 1994 we had to always were helmets on bikes. We then spent 10 minutes trying to tell the guy that Pauls name isn't Steven at all. Not his last name, first name or middle name. It's not Steven. And as he sits there and says to us "I don't know where I got Steven from" he procedes to still write it down as Pauls middle name. Then the phone number was just as hard. 5321, 5231, 5321, 5321 no it's 5331!!! Finally we got to go to Vodafone and they tell us they need a case number so we went back to the Police Station from the 50s and there's another guy on the desk who is possibly 104 and he says to us "I'm sorry I'm not a police man so I can't help you" and all I can think is why is there an 104 year old man who is not a police man incharge of the police station???? Who knows.

Singleness apparently I can't comment on cos I'm not single. And lets be honest. What could I say that's any different from what everyone else says and thinks?

And for the record it is possible to marry too young and thousands of people do it everyday. The divorce rate for 18-25 year olds in NZ is 60%. Now try and tell me again that it's ok to get married early?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What would you do?

Recently on a couple of tv shows (Greys Anatomy and Home and Away) a couple have had to choose between the mother and the unborn child because she has cancer or a heart problem or something. If they keep the baby she dies and if she lives the baby will die. And I've heard of this scenario before. And I know it's just tv but I wondered what I'd do, and I talked to The Boy about what he would want to do if we were in that situation and so now I come to you, my fans, what would you do? Would you keep the unborn child and let you or your partner die or would you terminate the baby and have another child in the future when everything was better?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I love studying...

So much so that I'm blogging...instead of can wait. I have till Tuesday.

This story starts a week or two ago when we decided as a flat to clean out the freezer. We had no room so we took out everything that isn't ours and put that in a communial bag and then took out just as much ice. There's so much room now...anyhow back to the story! Buried in the ice we found a leg of lamb. Well we presumed lamb from the NZ Lamb stamp on the side. A nice big one that Si's mum had given him. So last sunday me and Moira cooked the best roast dinner. Think roast lamb, potatoes, parsnip, yams, carrots, pumpkin and kumara. With real gravy (Mum I managed to remember the recipe). Then apple crumble with custard and ice cream to finish. Was so good. But there was one thing...the lamb was a random pink colour. We decided it was smoked lamb. Was still good though a little strong tasting. Then the story gets interesting...Si's mum rings...he's like oh we had the roast lamb and it was awesome...her reply? "I gave you silverside...not lamb". Hmmm...that explains the colour! But still...was very nice!

Better study...actually I'm going to have lunch and then colour my hair and then go watch the rugby and maybe if I'm lucky I'll study after that.