Friday, November 25, 2005

The debate continues

So the drugs debate appears to have started again on the Andrews's blogs.

Recently I was discussing this with Paul and I realised something that lots of people say when debating drug use being made legal and it's completely irrelevant. "Alcohol is a drug". But a completely different one to pot so what's the point of bringing that up in an arguement? They're different because they're used differently and because they are different things. If we all had alcohol as often and in the same amount as one might have pot then there would never be an issue with drink driving or anything else. Or if we used pot as often as we used alcohol then there's no way it should be made legal. They're completely different and to compare them is useless. They're used differently and in different quantities.

It's like comparing eggs and radishes. They're different! Both foods but if you put radishes in a cake mix instead of eggs you'd have something very strange and if you ate eggs as often as we eat radishes we'd miss out on vitamins and stuff that are important.

So using alcohol being a drug as a reason to make pot legal pointless.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Long time no see

It's about time I wrote. It feels like not that long cos I wrote a post but when I clicked publish the internet at tec threw a tantrum and didn't work. Here is my second attempt:

Pauls friend Cooper was up recently and we watched on TV about something called the Mandraught. It's something about how there's more women then men in their 30s in NZ or something. So Cooper comes up with Pickup-Line-Of-The-Year: "It's a Mandraught! I'm the best your gonna get!". I the only one laughing? Well I wasn't when he said it!

Some how I have managed to make my last post only 4 lines. It was longer last time! News of the week is that I have Glandular Fever. Upside being I get to eat strawberries and I got a phonecall from my big bro. Downside being there's nothing tec can do to help me so I will have to complete my year just like everyone else but hoping I don't get any more sick then I am!

On Friday night I went to my nieces end of year awards thingy for Girls Brigade. She won the Opawa Baptist Cup for most Church attendance, Deb got flowers for helping with one of the certificates in sewing or something and I got chocolates for choreographing the dance they performed. And Deb presented the James Brown Insurances Cup. Some how we managed to all get something which was nice!

Better go, works almost finished. Ciao!