Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cos all the cool kids are doing it...

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
1. Build my own house
2. Be Debt Free
3. Travel to places I've only seen in books
4. Wake up in the morning and be satisfied with who I am
5. Be old and not have any "what if's"
6. Be old and still best friends with Lilly
7. Get back into Youth Work

Seven Things I Can Not Do
1. Kick a rugby ball through the posts (Paul will teach me one day)
2. Watch blood and guts movies (ie saw, hostel etc)
3. Sing! (Thanks for pointing that out Paul)
4. Play an instrument
5. Remember the names of all the Crusaders despite needing to know them for work.
6. Eat raw tomato, I'm sorry I just don't like it, I don't care if it tastes just like the Watties Sauce I'll eat! I just don't like it.
7. Actually sit down and do an assignment when I'm supposed to.

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1. True
2. Real
3. I love you!
4. You're my favourite
5. Can we have takeaways?
6. Sure!
7. No Worries!

Seven Books I Loved Reading:
1. Any of the Harry Potter books (espcially the Prisoner of Azkaban)
2. Lord of the Rings trilogy
3. Anything by John Grisham
4. Autobiographies of pop stars
5. PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern (actually anything by her)
6. Baby Names books - with the meanings and all that, they never cease to entertain me
7. Anything by Marian Keyes (How funny are Irish authors??)

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
1. The Chamber
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Lord of the Rings
4. Two Hands
5. Tintin - any of the episodes
6. The Life of David Gale
7. Romeo and Juliet - Baz Luhrman Version (actually anything Baz Luhrman does except maybe not Strictly Ballroom)

Seven People I would like to meet for lunch:
1-4. My Grandparents
5. Eminem
6. Esther - From the bible
7. This is a little morbid but the babies I'm related to that have been lost. How cool to meet them and say hi and get to know them.


andrew brown said...

i don't even know myself well enough to fill out one of those 7-lists

nice goals for the future :D

ElizabethB said...

This is really good Jo! Thanx so much.
Some learned person once said that 'lost babies' should be named as they go straight to heaven. I dont know how accurate that is but logic tells me it is true. At that rate we have at least 2 awaiting us :)

;) said...

The one thing I'd like to happen to me would be a kiss on the cheek from Jo

Jo said...

Well I could probably arrange is if I knew who you were!

Who are you?

;) said...

im too scared to tell

but i will let you know that i think youre a cutie :D

Jo said...

Can I have a couple of clues?

;) said...

sorry, if i gave you clues you might work out who i am, so no sorry!

just be content knowing that there is someone out there (other than your bf) who thinks youre honestly completely dreamy

*mwa* xoxo

Jo said...

This is awesome! Though I'm guessing that you're a girl...?

;) said...

no im not a girl, which i admit would be pretty sexy but (unfortunately?) is not the case

i do know you, but dont worry about it, just be happy about it you foxy girl :)

Katiepie said...

mmm thats kinda creepy the previous comments i mean..

and excuse me but what is wrong with strickly ballroom?! lol

they are some kewl goals and im sure that one day after countless efforts paul will have finally teach you how to kick through the posts (no thats not code for anything :P )

andrew brown said...

Yeah those comments started out kinda sweet but then got a bit weird... Jo's got a stalker!

"paul will have finally teach you how to kick through the posts (no thats not code for anything :P )"

haha I wouldn't have thought of anything else unless you'd written that last bit, but Katiepie needs to get her head out of the gutter!

Katiepie said...

Yeah i hear that a lot :p

Rayd said...

i heard that they had to carry people out of the theatre after watching Hostel. It's real gruesome.

I don't know if that's true but i wouldn't be surprised, it really does some nasty things to your head.

I can understand why you wouldn't want to watch that, i don't either.

andrew brown said...

heres a funny story
ever since i saw cabin fever i fell in love with eli roth, he directed and wrote it. i knew hostel was coming out ages ago because im always up on what he does. anyway, before it came out i organised to go see it with my friend Tim Anderson, and he agreed. but on thursday night he was going to the movies with a GIRL and he was going to see bareback mantrain and i said "whatever you do don't see hostel" and guess what he did. he saw hostel, and so because i wasn't going to go to the movies alone and no-one else i knew wanted to see it i never ended up going.


Rayd said...

Jo, it would be awesome if you got back into youth work!

Andrew, God really loves your life, averting you from such a horrible experience like watching Hostel. (shudder)
maybe you could watch it on dvd, that way you can turn it off when it gets ugly.
then remember to write a post saying "rayd, you were right, that movie was horrible"
However if you like it, i'd like to hear about that too.

Anonymous said...

Hostel is pretty crap tbh.
I enjoyed Cabin Fever, but not this.

;) said...

i just wanted to say sorry jo if i made it weird. im not a stalker sorry and dont worry i wont say another thing (unless you want me to) sorry