Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In Her Shoes

Lilly has gone. Melbourne has become so much cooler now. I miss her heaps.

I watched In Her Shoes just after she left and there's a line in the movie that fits me and her so well. "Without her I don't make sense".

What am I going to do without her?


andrew brown said...

What do you mean then by "Melbourne is so much cooler now"? Do you mean temperature wise?

I didn't even know you were over there. Go figure.

Hope you're having a good time.

Jo said...

Um...Lilly is in Melbourne now. Not me.

andrew brown said...

Oh that makes so much more sense.

ElizabethB said...

Keep close to her in other ways, she is a treasure.
Actually do you think the 2 of you together make sense????
Ah, but I get your drift and I am sure you will both be in the same city again before too long.

amy said...

Oh joeygirl that's sad. I hate when friends disappear... as your wise mother said.. it won't be long til you're in the same city again.

I loved that movie In her shoes. I actually saw it in Switzerland! Made me think of my sister... I miss her :(