Friday, August 18, 2006

The Undie 500

I think I just waved goodbye to one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Paul and his flatmates Si, Ingy and Moira and some other friends are going on the Undie 500 today as KFC. Their van is painted like a KFC box with a big "tub" of KFC on the top. In the van are people dressed as a drink, chips, Colonel Sanders and 4 chickens. Moira is Colonal Sanders and Paul, Si, Ingy and Greg are chickens which means they are covered in golden syrup and feathers and they have red gloves on their heads. It's so funny.

The Undie 500 for those who don't know is the Canterbury Uni's road trip in which you must be in a vehicle that is worth less than $500 and there's prices for the best decorated. It's very funny.

Anyhow now I have to go and clean up all the feathers that are absolutely EVERYWHERE in the house!


andrew brown said...

Very nice. I used to always want to go on the undy but I never did. Oh well. I helped make a car covered entirely in beer cans one year. And I made medallions for them to wear. All in all it was fun times to be had by all.

Dunedin will be hell this weekend :S

Anonymous said...

OMG that would be sooo funny!! i hope you got plenty of pictures!!!


The Colonel said...

Believe me, it was funny..and sticky and messy. From a sober Colonel Sanders point of view, it was hard work keeping four drunken, feathered chickens and three cardboard people in check. A drive which would normally take 4 hrs extended into 12. I rest my case. I'd definitely do it again - but maybe next time I won't be so quick to volunteer as the sensible sober one.....