Monday, October 23, 2006

My Wee Boy

This is my beautiful baby. This is a picture of him the first day I got him so he's not looking very happy but he's cheered up heaps and is getting quite big already!

Big developments for him being that he has started purring and last night even managed to sleep the whole night without waking me up to play by scratching and biting me.

Also he adventured outside today without being encouraged to and managed to get a whole metre and a half away from my flat before running straight back inside. Hasn't quite mastered being outside without having his belly on the ground cos he's scared but he's still very little so there's no rush for him to play outside.

He's so funny eh.


Anonymous said...

ohhh hes sooo cute!! hey and i love the new layout very fresh :) i hope this means that your going to be blogging more ;p

need to catch up with you sometime!

lots of love

andrew brown said...

Please make sure you take plenty of photos when they are that size, I know they're hard to photo with their constant moving and rebellion, but it's the only thing I regret with our cat, because next thing you know, HE'LL BE A GIANT

ElizabethB said...

He is so beautiful! In days gone by we had chocolate boxes ~ in which we later kept our treasures :) and on the front was a wonderful picture to entice one to buy. He looks straight off a chocolate box! Maybe nowadays he would be a calender kitten. Cute in the extreme.

Sharyn said...

oooooooohhhh he's so CUTE!!!! I remember when Alfie was little, he was so scared of the grass. Concrete, fine. Paving, okay. Garden, yeah he could deal with. But put him on the grass and OH MY GOODNESS THE PANIC.

SO funny.

Plus the time he got stuck INSIDE the couch - took SO long to find him and get him out.

But lately, what's with this: he lies down in the middle of the drive when he know's I'm driving out and wont move even when I drive right up to him. I have to toot to get him to move. But I turn on the vacumn cleaner and I don't see him for three days! Lol what a freak.

And yes, still a vegetarian.

Jo said...

My baby is definately not vegetarian but I remember you questioning Alfies sexuality and I have to say I question my Roko's too.

Yes Kate I'll be blogging more because I have my very own laptop now which actually works compared to my last lovely pc.

And I have already got far too many photos of Roko, I'll post some later.

amy said...

Ohhh so cute!!!! i can see why you love him.

Good to see you bloggin again girl ;)