Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thought I better blog (don't want to join the hoards of people who have forgotten their blogs!). But then I realised I don't have much to say! So I'll give everyone a wee update of what's been happening in my world.

Well as most of you know I moved home about a month ago. Has been a million times easier than we all hoped which is good. Rokocoko is loving making himself king of the castle. Still very much a mummys boy though which is great.

It's only 96 days till we leave for Thailand (not that I'm counting). Have decided to cut Vietnam out of our plans because we don't have much time and are keen to spend a bit longer in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat (Cambodia). Its a shame but just means we'll have to go back! Suits me just fine.

Me Kaija and Carrissa went snowboarding for the first time a couple of weeks back. Carissa had been skiing before but for me and Kaija it was definitely a first! Fun times though, added to by our lovely instructor. Turns out I'm not very good but was so much fun and I'm very much hooked. Afterwards I realised that in the last year I've done 3 things that I've really wanted to do but always consider too cool for me. I've learnt to surf, snowboard and I got a tattoo. It's a good feeling to be doing stuff I want and not holding back cos of what others might think.

Not much else to report really. Can't wait for this semester to end cos it means I will have my degree! Yay! Making big plans for next year too which is exciting. Its great to have so many options and to not have any excuses left of why I shouldn't do them.


Jen said...

what is your degree in
all the best with finishing it

and good on you for trying new things

kate said...

Yay finally! been waiting for you to blog for ages :p

Glad to hear things are good xoxo

Any Q's bout the project feel free to ask :)

Might need your help writing my speech :s

Jo said...

Hi Jen, my degree is in ICT.

Kate you don't need help on writing your speech, just talk about how great I am for about 5 minutes and everyone will love it!

Kaija :) said...

Thanks for blogging Jo! All sounds so good and positive! very nice to hear.
Big Love! Kk xxx

amy said...

Hey Joey :) Glad the move back home has gone well.

Good on you for not joining the hoards of people who have forgotten their blogs! (opps... I really should do sumthing bout that)