Tuesday, March 04, 2008

For all the Kiwis Overseas...

From talking with other kiwis around here and from my own experience here is some things that we miss when we're not in New Zealand:

- Steak and Cheese pies
- Nice cadbury chocolate
- Burger King (Hungry Jacks is awful)
- Cookie times...any flavour
- Tui/Export beer
- K bars
- Good fish and chips
- tap water...tap water!!!! oh to drink some nice tap water!
- Steak and Cheese pies
- Roses chocolates
- nice custard powder

Probably the list goes on but that's all I have for now. Comment with more if you can think of them.


Kaija said...

tim tams!

moiz said...

So just to confirm...steak and cheese pies are on the list, right??

Christina said...

Monteiths, surely? :)

Also, I'm sure I've asked you this before, but who was the tattoo artist you got your back tattoo done at?

Jo said...

christine harvey. she does it at her home in new brighton. she was real cool. riki manual (think that's his name) recommended her and only her. he's the top guy in christchurch and you can find him through te toi mana art gallery at the art centre.