Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rokocoko is home!

Tahu and I are now living in our own place and one of the highlights of this is that we could have Rokocoko back to live with us. For the last 3 or so years he has been living with Mum and Dad. First with me and then when I moved overseas and came back to Christchurch and lived at petless flats, he's stayed on. So now he's back here and he's loving it. He is around a lot, sleeps on our bed, lots of purring. He follows us around and hangs out with us until we go to bed when he goes too. And so I've taken a few pics on my phone, at first to show mum and dad but then just cos he was cute. I have finally charged the batteries on my camera so hopefully the quality will improve!

Watching TV with Mummy

Hanging out with Daddy

Out to it on the bed in the office/spare room while Mummy works

While we watch TV I like to have my paw touching Mummy

Sometimes Mummy brings my bed into the office/spare room