Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our son has arrived!

Knox Kautu ki te Rangi arrived at 3.19pm on Tuesday 25th September 2012. He weighed in at 6 lb 13 oz and 50 cm long. 

Knox is just the most amazing little guy. He's a whole month old today and we just don't know where that last month has gone! He got back to his birth weight this week - it took him a while but he got there in the end!

His names each have very special meanings:

Knox - my mums maiden name
Kautu ki te Rangi - this is the name of the paddle from Tahu's waka that came from Rarotonga. It also means "a gift from above". 
Hikuroa - Tahus mums last name. We have taken this name too. 

I could write for hours on how amazing he is, on how much we love him, but I won't cos I think you can imagine it! Instead I think how I felt when he was born explains it the best. I had heard a lot about the overwhelming feeling of love that a lot of people get but I didn't have that. For me it was like I realised the love that had always been there. All I could think was "Oh he's here". And it was like the complete and total love I felt wasn't new, it wasn't something I had to learn, it was something that had just always been there. It was like him being born turned the light on and I could see what I had known (felt) was always there. 

And despite what I had been told by numerous people, my loving Knox doesn't make me love Tahu or Roko any less. It's a different love. I love them all so much and one doesn't take from the other. 

Ok enough with the soppy stuff. For now. There's be more I'm sure!

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