Friday, December 15, 2006

The Small Boy Conversation

Characters: Boy A = 3 year old, Boy B = 5 Year old, Girl A = Me
Setting: Girl A walking down the street to catch the bus home, Boy A and B playing on scooters outside their house

Boy A: Why do you have a bucket?
Girl A: Because I like it
Boy B: Are they cookies?
Girl A: Yes
Boy B: Can I have one?
Girl A: NO!

Boys scooter off in front of Girl A.
Boys scooter back toward Girl A.
Boy A screams “Cookies” really loudly and longly (is that a word??) as he flies past Girl A.

Moral of the Story: Don’t buy cookies and take them out in public! People are weird around cookies!


Andrew Brown said...

Not a bucket of cookie time mini cookies??

Jo said...

yes, yes it was. Now it is half a bucket of cookie time mini cookies

Andrew Brown said...

They used to come round to my work every year but this has reminded me that they didn't this year.

Normal or Apricot? I'm a massive fan of the Apricot ones.

Mum said...

Good one Jo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! .......andit doesn't matter but I think the word is 'longingly' :)

Jo said...

Thanks mum! yes that word works too but I'm sticking with longly cos he yelled it all the way past me! Boys eh!