Sunday, February 04, 2007

Last Weekend

Last weekend I flew to Sydney and met Lilly there (she came up from Melbourne). We stayed at Bondi Beach which was spectacular. On the Friday morning we learnt to surf, neither of us got up but I didn't drown so I was happy. The water was AMAZING!

These photos were taken just after our surf lesson.

Famous People We Saw (in order of coolness):
5. Dr Bart from Mercy Peak
4. One of the twins that one Aus Big Brother
3. Eddie Maguire (He was on Lillys plane and he came off just before her)
2. Mark Hewlett - Grand Champion of Fear Factor (US), was on Treasure Island couples (NZ) too.
1. Alf from Home and Away - he was just walking down the street! Almost the highlight of our trip!

Here's a sign I saw in the Circular Quay toilets:

My smile was taken away by the sign beside the hand dryers ("Have you been sexually assaulted? Call this number" - does that happen often in these toilets???)

I think Quote of the Weekend goes to me. During our surfing lesson I said to Lilly "Lucky there's no cameras eh!". Later she pointed out that they were filming Bondi Rescue on the beach that day! Do TV camera's not count Jo??

On Saturday we went out to Sydney and did a wee bit of shopping. For dinner we went to Doyles which is in Circular Quay. We were on the second floor, out the window to my left was the Harbour Bridge and in front of me was the Opera House. It was fantastic.

I flew Emirates which is probably the best airline ever. I got a 5 course meal each way and you get your own DVD player with heaps of movies and stuff. 2 odd things happened though, in the toilets (do I talk about toilets a lot??) there's a sign on the right that says No Smoking and then on the left there's a wee ashtray in the door. What's that about?? And the airhostess came around and asked if I wanted lamb or cod, I asked for the lamb and she goes "sorry we don't have any left". Why did she ask if I wanted it if she didn't have any???

It was so good seeing Lil again. I think we might have caught up on the months we've been apart! Saying good bye was so hard though. She's a good girl.


Elizabeth said...

Great blog Jo! Sounds a fantastic weekend with a wonderful friend, thanx xxx

Sharyn said...

Aha what a silly airhostess. Was her name Kirsten? No wait, KB works for AirNZ. Nevermind.

amy said...

Ahh you're a crack up Jo! Good stories.

Was great to see you & your truck today :)

Pop in again!