Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Good Boyfriend vs The Bad Boyfriend

I have 2 cats. One is called Fergue, she lives with my parents and we've had her for about 16 years I think. The other is Rokocoko who I've talked about before. He's almost 10 months and lives with me at my flat. I have spent a lot of time with both of these cats recently and I have come up with an analogy to explain my relationship with these 2 cats. Mum and Dad have been heard to refer to Fergue as the Bad Boyfriend instead of by name ("Did the Bad Boyfriend sleep with you last night?").


As you may have picked up Fergue is the Bad Boyfriend. I know she loves me. She's my cat and we've been together for years. But Fergue never shows me this. When I pick her up she meows like I'm hurting her, she sleeps with her back to me and she will never come when I call her. But I know she loves me cos she never runs away when I pick her up or put her in my bed. She purrs when I pat her, she sleeps on my bed and I've been told she mopes around and is generally pathetic when I'm not there. She's the Bad Boyfriend cos even though she loves me the most she will never show me.

(Not such a good picture, he's eating my breakfast)

But Rokocoko is the Good Boyfriend. He's so so happy to see me even if I've only been out for a minute, he comes when I call him (not to anyone else), he purrs all the time and loves nothing better than to sleep as close to me as he can get. In recent times he's taken to following me EVERYWHERE! No matter where I am in the house he'll be there right by me. Lying on the floor, sitting on the couch, talking on the phone (I caught him actually trying to answer the phone the other day), in bed, the kitchen, the shower (yes the shower) or even (this is a little gross) the toilet. Today I could hear him meowing the whole time I was in the shower cos I'd shut the door and he couldn't get in to sit in his usual spot. Rokocoko is the Good Boyfriend because he loves me unconditionally and he's not afraid to show it.

And as always I love them both. A girl can't resist the boyfriend who adores who but also the bad boy (or girl in this case) that doesn't treat her so well but she still loves.

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Jen said...

I love cats too
I collect ornaments of them
that way they are very low maintance :)
enjoy them both :)