Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things I love

It's been a crap day. Just rubbish. So I think I'm gonna make myself feel better by making a list of things I love (in no particular order). Feel free to comment with your lists.

1. Female Celebrites: Joe Cotton and Victoria Beckham. I don't care what everyone says. They're fantastic. They are gorgeous, funny, real/natural. I've read both of Victoria's books and she completely changed my views on magazines. I've gone from easily buying 2 or more a week to not being able to remember the last time I brought one. When I do read them I spend the whole time looking at how the photos have been edited and how absolutely ridiculous the stories are! These girls are cool.

2. Cooking shows - love them.

3. Games shows - just can't get enough!

4. Music videos - I'm amazed by these, I could probably watch them all day. How great to get a whole story/movie into 3-4 minutes. Of course I don't love all of them but lots are so good. My special favourite at the moment: Nickelback: Saving Me.

5. Rokocoko - he's so great. (Hahaha he's dreaming right now! Twitching in his sleep beside me)

6. CSI Las Vegas, Greys Anatomy and Prison Break.

7. My new boots. Yeah. Hot.

8. Music and Fashion. How amazing that after so long people are still coming out with new and different things.

9. Kiwi adverts. How funny are they! The people who come up with some ads are just so talented. Beyond me!

10. Making plans - how great that when things are at their lowest the thought of something that is coming up can make me feel a bit better.

11. Tattoos and piercings. When they're done right they so good. I have both. Love them.

12. My family, Lilly, Kaija and the others who know who they are. You know I wouldn't be here without you. (This is getting soppy, its not meant to)

13. Chocolate. Honestly. It's how I keep my stunning figure. Love it.

14. Travelling. I haven't done much yet but it's gonna be so great. I can't wait to see the things I've only ever seen pictures of. Look out Asia eh Kaija!

That's enough. I probably could keep going but I won't.


Jen said...

Joe Cotton rocks and shes come a long way

coool youve got new boots im looking out for some too

what are youre Tats of???

yummmmm Chocolate

good list
hope tomorrow is a better day for you

Jo said...

I have the hebrew word for hope on the inside of my left wrist.

moi said...

Yes I agree, you're boots are particularly hot!

Undies undies TOGS undies undies

Anonymous said...

Joe Cotton is hot, so are boots, and the right tattoos. Not a bad list really.

Jen said...

cool tat Jo