Monday, October 15, 2007

Jo's Top 5 Handy Hints for Voting

1. If you don't want to vote don't send your paper in. Sending in a blank form wastes time for ALL involved.

2. Don't write notes on the voting paper. No one who can do anything about it will read it and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the ones who do read it DON'T ACTUALLY CARE! You just look like a crazy person. There are however levels of crazy: to be in the lower levels avoid swearing at us and making spelling mistakes.

3. When you vote, don't cross out all the options you don't want. The programs used to read the voting paper can't differentiate between a tick and a cross and its annoying.

4. I know this will come as a shock to some people (actually a lot of people) but when the form asks for you to choose someone by placing one tick in a box that's actually what it means. It doesn't mean tick all the boxes, it doesn't mean number your first 3 preferences and under NO circumstances does it mean number all the boxes in your preference. It just wants one tick. Also if its asking a yes/no question about fluoride or something similar its highly unlikely that its asked you to tick both boxes so DON'T!

5. Combining 2 and 3: Don't write me a note explaining how you have crossed all the options you don't want to avoid your vote being tampered with. To be honest someone would have to be REALLY desperate to try and rig the Greymouth or Horowhenua or maybe Chathem Island local elections. And if by chance they're smart enough to do it they're more than likely smarter than the people who would actually have one it so consider yourself lucky.


Andrew Brown said...

do you work with these?

Elizabeth said...

Good one Joey! Someone very important should read it! Not just Andrew Brown and you procrastinating Ma. xx

PS Last line you mean 'won.'

Jo said...

Yeah I tempted doing the FPP votes. Oh so much fun.

Yes maybe I meant won. Thanks!

Sharyn said...

Hahah it's not until you do data entry that you figure out how stupid people really are.

jen said...

Ive tagged you