Saturday, November 03, 2007


This design is representing my family. The large koru at the top represents my parents, the 4 smaller koru on the sides represent my sisters and brother and me. The 2 bumps on the base of the top koru represent those who aren't with me.

Yes it hurts getting it, especially on the bone but it stops hurting as soon as the needle is taken off your skin.

Its a bit bigger than I had planned on but still really love it.

Here is Kaija's tattoo:

And if anyone is interested here is my other tattoo:


kate said...

that is the most amazing pic of your tat on your back.. looks wicked

Jo said...

Thanks! I love it eh. Well done Kaija!

Christina said...

Love your tattoo!! I have been wanting to get one for ages but have no idea what to get (and so keep putting it off). Doing something that's a bit symbolic/represents stuff like yours is a good way to go, I think. Are they expensive to get? What does the Hebrew one say?

Enjoy finishing your degree :)

Jo said...

Yeah they're expensive. The one on my wrist was $70 and the one on my back was $200 but i wanted them and i wanted them done by good people so figured it was worth it. The hebrew one means Hope.

Only get one if you 120% sure you want it eh cos it hurts and its gonna be there for a while. try and avoid getting colours...they're harder if not impossible to remove.