Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We have arrived!!

So we managed to make it to Bangkok, despite getting into the international departures lounge in Melbourne without a boarding pass or anything!! And Kaija getting stopped at every check point for having something wrong in her bag even though she didn't. And despite someone in Melbourne being dumb enough to refuel the wrong plane...does it not cross someone's mind that maybe the plane going to Sydney doesn't need 67,000 litres of fuel when it only takes about 12,000 to get there?? And that the one going to Bangkok might need fuel? So 2 hours of sitting on the tarmac later we got on our way.

We sat next to a lovely couple who were from Laos but have lived in Sydney for 30 years. And behind a priest who we're 97% certain wasn't actually a priest and after listening to his conversations we found out he thinks that the holocaust was fake and that 9/11 was a set up. Hmmm...and he had an american accent but claimed to not have been able to speak english until he got to australia. Hmmmm

Better go...shopping to do!!!


jen said...

pleased to hear youve arrived

enjoy your shopping

Andrew Brown said...

where are you staying?

moiz said...

Wow I can't believe the long-awaited trip is here at last!! Doesn't time fly! Have an awesome time both or you and don't get into any mischief!! :)

kate said...

Ahh exciting!! keep safe

ohh and make sure you go to the Emporium and World Trade center fantastic for shopping!!

take care xoxoxox