Sunday, December 02, 2007

I'm a bit tired cos we just flew back to Bangkok from Siem Reap so this won't be a long or humorous post. Cambodia was amazing. It was so beautiful and the people were lovely and the food was great and the shopping was cheap. I miss it already! We're off to do a bit more shopping now and then back to crash at our hostel. We're off to Bann Kruit tomorrow for a few days. Very much in need of some beach time so that's what we're gonna do! Check our for where we're staying. Think its gonna be pretty amazing. I'll write more when I am awake and when I can put photos on which is probably when I'm back in christchurch.

Oh we went to Angkor yesterday. It was AMAZING! Google it if you don't know about it. We took some really great photos so stay tuned.

And Andrew, we're staying at Bangkok Centre Hostel in Bangkok. We stayed in Riverside Hotel in Phnom Penh and Mandalay Inn in Siem Reap. All awesome places.


Andrew Brown said...

I'm glad you're loving it, can't wait to hear your stories when you get back. Looked up that place, looks fancy! Enjoy

Anonymous said...

This is all so very interesting, well done Joey. Cant wait to see the photos! ~ and I have a million questions!
Hang in there and keep safe xxxxxxxxxxx Mum

deb said...

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. I'm pleased for you (though a bit envious!!) Bring back heaps of photos for us. Love ya kid. deb xxx