Sunday, December 30, 2007

Things from my travels

Things We Learnt:

1. No matter how amazing technology gets, there is still no better way to stop a vehicle rolling then to chuck wood behind the wheel. Even with an aeroplane:

2. When there is absolutely no space in the traffic, as in its bumper to bumper, a Bangkok taxi driver will still work his way through.

3. You can stare at someone on a train for as long as you like but sometimes you just can't tell if they're male or female.

4. You may think a motobike can only take 1 or 2 passengers but Thai and Cambodian people can always fit more on. For example, 5 family members or 3 gas cylinders, or 6 boxes or maybe a 2 or 3 metre piece of wood.

5. Food: sometimes you just don't know what you're eating. And you'll never know. Don't think about it.

6. Books: no matter how hard you try to give them away by leaving them in random places there will always be a nice person to come and try and give it back to you.

Quotes from our trip:

"Jo, can you remind me..."
"Stairs are a killer"
"Cold showers are great"
"This is so much funnier than it should be"

Possibly that section will only be funny to Kaija and me.

Cambodia and Thailand were amazing. I have loads of amazing photos to put up but I don't have time just now as tomorrow I move to Australia. Slightly stressed. I'll be fine I'm sure. I go to Melbourne for new years with my bro and his lovely Eva and then on Saturday I go to the Gold Coast. Should be fun times. Gonna miss Rokocoko an awful lot tho!!!

Stay tuned for updates on my adventures.


Anonymous said...

LOL re number 1

re 4 ive seen photos of this - amazing isnt it

safe travels
try not to stress - PRAY
I am for you

Happy New Years

Jen at

deb said...

Ok JO its official, I am tired of checking your blog and seeing this plane. Time to put up something else, like your new home for example, the view out your window or even your lovely self!!
Hugs deb xxx