Sunday, January 13, 2008

My apartment on the Gold Coast

I was going to email mum and dad some pictures of my new place but then realised Shaz and Deb etc might be interested too and so I thought where better to put photos than my blog. Just another fantastic use me thinks! And then Deb quietly suggested via the comments section of my last blog that perhaps it was time to do a new post. And its Sunday night and I'm a tiny bit bored so what better thing is there to do then show off the awesome place I'm living. So here goes:

This is my bedroom:

Walk in wardrobe and en suite beside my balcony. (love my photos like this too):

The main area, its a lot bigger than it looks and as you can see it was really cloudy so the view doesn't look very nice!!:

And last but not least I'd like to show you the gorgeous tiny wee baby gecko I found in my room yesterday. His name is Mr T (but feel free to make other suggestions) and I put the lid beside him so you can see how really really tiny he is:


Anonymous said...


I love love love your place! it looks wonderful! you will be getting a visit from me soon! I miss you very much!

Mr T is cute!!

Love you longtime

The Trier and Jen said...

was just thinking about you recently
very nice apartment
cool little gecko


deb said...

Hurray for Joey! Great photos, nice looking appartment. Particularly like the new boy friend. Is he a keeper?? maybe Mr Right would be a good name for him :) keep on blogging, its great.
deb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

moiz said...

Hello!! Glad you've found yourself somewhere cool to live - apartment looks fantastic you lucky thing! Is it just you living there or are there flatmates? Which area are you in??


Jo said...

Glad you guys like it! I really do. there's 4 of us here. A girl from Brisbane called Ana and 2 girls from NSW called Annabelle and Sarah so we're all new to the Gold Coast which is good.

Missing you guys though!