Saturday, February 02, 2008

Great line

Ausy tv is rubbish. If you think NZ tv is bad don't watch it here. It feels like I'm watching crappy sunday afternoon tv and then realise it's prime time and they just have nothing good to watch. Which means what I'm about to say even more amazing! Just heard a great line on an ad for a tv program that's starting soon:

"Stop thinking I'm a survivor and start thinking I'm a success!"

How great is that? Well it is to me. I'm always saying: look at what I've done considering... when I should just be saying: look at what I've done.

PS the Gold Coast is awful. I've never seen so many women with plastic surgery in my life and I'm not joking. Every thing is fake here, boobs, face's, tans, people. I think I'm hideous and fat enough as it is without having to compete with people who's beauty is literally fake! I've met some fantastic people but I realised tonight that none of them are from the Gold Coast. And any I have met are awful! And I'm not exaggerating.

I'm so tired of struggling, not having enough money, not having people who have known me more than a month, not having my family around, not having rokocoko, of being let down by people, not having a job I enjoy and having to watch my friends get my perfect jobs at first go. Its awful to get into the real world and realise it really is as bad as it looks. And I'm tired of nobody hugging me!

But Kaija will be here next tuesday and wednesday and I honestly can't wait. I can't wait to see her and I possibly will cry at the airport when I see her (maybe this will be because its 6.30 am and I've just spent 2 hours getting there from my home).

Ok I'll leave it on that note. Can't wait to see Kaija!!!

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Andrew Brown said...

Your 5th paragraph is so sad! This probably means little, but I'm sad for you. I really hope it all gets better and you have a good time when your friend arrives..