Monday, October 27, 2008

Labour Day

Not much to report really, hence the lack of posts! Just working, flatting, dieting. You know how it is!

Although next year is shaping up to be pretty awesome. My flatmates are all moving out early next year (having babies and going overseas) so I have to find new ones. So far I have the big room filled as one of my best mates is having a baby and she is going to move in. Will change the dynamic of the flat from having boy flatmates to having a mum and baby but I'm totally happy with that. If I can support her in this way then I'll do it gladly and I know a bit about babies from having several niece and nephews so I'm sure we'll do great! That leaves one room and I have 2 options for that already so will be all good.

And then in October and November next year I will be in Asia. The plan at this stage is to work the first 3 weeks in Cambodia and then the next 2 weeks in Bangalore in India. The rest of the time I will spend traveling up through India, Nepal, Tibet, China and then back down through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (maybe) and then Thailand. The work will be with street kids or in an orphanage. The downside is that it costs an awful lot to volunteer in another country! I have to raise about $4500 and that doesn't include my spending money or the traveling part of the trip. I think it is definitely worth the effort though.

So it's gonna be a busy year and watch out for future blogs about my fund raising. I would really REALLY appreciate any amount that you guys can give me and there will be plenty of opportunities next year!

Well it's a gorgeous day outside and I have peeps coming over soon so better go get ready.

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