Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pointless Post

I'm not even sure why I'm writing because I'm pretty convinced that nobody even reads this anymore but I guess it's a good thing for me to have when I want to look back later and if any of you know me you'll know that writing is very therapeutic for me.

I went to Stevie Wonder the other day with the lovely Matt Heaney. Honestly he was amazing. His daughter sang too and she has to have the most amazing womans voice I've ever heard. He sang loads of his songs and was so funny. He'd sing a verse and chorus of each song. He played for over 2 hours without a break. He's definitely a legend and I would recommend anyone to go see him eh. Also did you know he's only 58? I thought he was way older than that!

I've been staying with my aunty this week as my uncle had an operation. It's been really nice seeing them a lot lately. They are so lovely to me and I'm stoked they seem to like having me around!

Tomorrow it is a year since Shelley died. I can't believe it's a year already. I presume there are blogs about this but recap is that she was a girl I went to school with and she had breast cancer and died at only 24. I think about her so often. We weren't close but she was someone I absolutely admired.

For so long I didn't have anyone close that had died. When I was 8 my granddad died, a guy I went to school with was killed when we were 18 but in the scheme of things I had been so lucky. Now within a year I've had Shelley, my uncle Ian and my cousin Lynley die. It is something I still can't get my head around and I really don't know how to deal with it. For me, talking about them, writing about them is what seems important. That others know that someone really special and really amazing isn't here anymore. Hard to explain I guess.

Anyways...enough for today.

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kate said...

I still read it :)

And I still love your writing no matter what its about :)