Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 things about me

There's this thing on Facebook going around where you have to write 25 things about yourself. I really didn't think I could do it so cos I have I figure I'll post it. Here tis:

1. I'm pretty sure I can't think of 25 things about myself that are worth writing down.

2. I became an aunty for the first time when I was 9. It was awesome. I now have 2 nephews (13 and 7) and 1.5 neices (15 and -6 weeks)

3. I am possibly the only girl on earth that CAN'T STAND The Princess Bride movie

4. If I'm having a bad day nothing cheers me up like a shower and a sleep

5. I'm scared of the dark.

6. The only thing I miss about highschool is being "forced" to play sport. I left school when I was 16.

7. I used to teach hip hop dance

8. Between the ages of about 15 and 22 I did youth work in Waltham and loved it.

9. Family means more to me then anything

10. I can't handle horror movies, not even being told about them!

11. I can't remember how many times I've had my belly button pierced. I don't have it at the moment. I've currently got 7 piercings. Don't get excited, you can see all of them.

12. I have a cat called Rokocoko (and it's said Rokothoko!!!)

13. I struggle watching sport cos it annoys me not being able to just get in there and do it myself!

14. Until I was 8 or 9 I lived in a very strict religious cult

15. I'm stoked I've got to 15. I'm still pretty sure I can't get to 25. I've had to ask my flatmates 3 times for help already.

16. I played soccer and volleyball at highschool

17. I learnt Maori for 4 years at highschool. For 2 reasons, I loved the language and the boys were hot!

18. I love photography

19. I have 2 tattoos, one on my wrist and one on my back. I've had the one on my wrist for ages, before it was cool even!

20. I'd love to lose 15-20 kgs

21. I wish I could win lotto. For so many reasons! I don't want to buy tickets though. I think it's a waste of my money

22. I'm scared of the sea. It's too big and strong. I love deep sea fishing!

23. I don't have any grandparents. I only ever met one and that was my grandad.

24. (Almost at 25!!!!) I had dreds once. Just for a few days, had to take them out for school. I loved them.

25. I like having dark brown hair the best but everyone says I look better blonde.


Anonymous said...

Got a new list for u bro
1. Lovely
2. Honest
3. Tattoed bogan
4. Kind
5. Fun
6. Really good speller
7. Beautiful
8. A little emo
9. Caring
10. Best listner in the world
11. Really sweet at making lists
12. I've got more good ones just relax
13. Knows what a blog is
14. Clearly is a whiz at the Internet
15. Only good ones now
16. Pretty
17. Really nice to talk to
18. Great person
19. Really special(not special needs)
20. Perfect
21. Always caring and friendly
22. Brave
23. Lovely smile
24. Nice laugh
25. My friend

Jo said...

Ok you've totally put me off by the Bro thing. Love the list though...who are you??