Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cambodia, Thailand and tonight..India!

So I've left it so long since my last update that now I have to try and remember everything I have done!

On Wednesday last week we flew in this tiny plane up to Rattanakiri and spent 2 nights there. We went to the prison twice and I played pharmasist while the others did medical checks. Was quite full on to be honest and I was glad when we left and had an afternoon of sightseeing. We went to Crater Lake and had a picnic which was just amazing and then (on Motos of course) we went to a waterfall. Had to walk into the bush a bit and it was just amazing. We could go behind the waterfall and everything.

We flew back to Phnom Penh on Friday and it was a VERY rough flight especially for a little plane and a couple of us (yes I was one of them) had the pleasure of spewing during the flight! Oh such fun. Was glad to be home for sure!

Saturday we went to Kantal Prison again with the Dentist team and in the evening I went with Annie to Lakeside which is a slum area. They live right on the train tracks and we were standing there going man these houses would get destroyed if a train came through and then not long after one did and nothing got damaged cos they knew it was coming and moved all their awnings or whatever off the tracks! Definitely impressive to see.

Sunday was my last teaching session and Monday I went to the International University for a bit and did some last minute shopping.

Tuesday was really hard because there were goodbyes. Most of the children weren't around which was good because it was hard enough saying goodbye to the few that I saw!! In the afternoon I caught a flight to Thailand and hung out at the airport for a few hours until Tahu's flight arrived! Was so good to finally see him but because I'd spent hours worrying about how to find him and if he'd get through customs ok it took me til the next morning to relax and actually be happy!

So we've been here a few days and have done a lot of shopping and just looking around. We've spent a day or so just chilling at the backpackers too which was very much needed! Tahu got a suit custom made and it looks AMAZING!! I am very impressed. I got glasses and contacts and we both got clothes and other random things. A lot of fun shopping but not so fun trying to pack it all this morning!

Yesterday we successfully caught a bus to Kanchanaburi and saw the Bridge over the River Kwae and the war museum and just looked around there for a few hours. Was very hot though so lots of viewing everything from the shade!

Tonight we are catching a flight to India. We have a night in Delhi, a night in Jaipur and a night in Agra. Wednesday we are going to the Taj Mahal and then flying to Nepal and it is also Tahu's birthday! What a way to celebrate eh!

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Snot Head said...

I don't know if I could handle all of that fast paced moving. I would give anything to see as much of the world as you are seeing, though. I am actually doing some crochet work for a woman in India right now. It will be shipped over on Wednesday this week, but I'm sure you will be gone by then. Have a good week!