Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One last update from Asia

So in a few hours we will be catching another flight but this time it is to Melbourne, Australia and we're really looking forward to it. We have had the most amazing time on this trip. It's been hard in places and we are both so tired and saw and looking forward to lots of things but when we look back it has absolutely been a trip of a lifetime. We've seen incredible things, done fun things, been through places we never thought we'd go. We would recommend this kind of flying visit trip to anyone who wants to travel as you get to know the places you want to go spend time in and if you're not a fan of a place then you are only there for a while. For example we are keen to come back to Japan (this time with loads of money to buy the so cheap electronics) and Nepal to do some trekking maybe but then India and Tibet we are so happy to have seen and experienced but pretty sure we don't want to go back there a second time. We also have found that just cos you wouldn't go back to a place doesn't mean you didn't like it, just that it's not somewhere we want to explore further. Hope that makes sense!

Ok funny story of how the language barrier can go badly wrong...when we first got to Japan we wanted to look at DVDs and we saw a sign that said a whole lot in Japanese and then DVD in english. We were like sweet lets go there. We go up to the 7th floor where it is and walk in and just seen cartoons really and then the guy comes running up to us and goes Only Men!!! Then we look again and realise we've gone into an adult movie place!! AWKWARD!! Later on we nearly did it again too but after that just didn't bother going in unless we could see more then just DVD on the sign!

We've also found some things out about travelling that people didn't tell us. Firstly take a small laptop with you if possible. Nearly everywhere has free wireless internet and that would make emailing so much easier. Beijing has no internet cafes that we could find and Japan is similar. Also take cash with you for each country and when you leave change it at the border. For example we have Nepalese Rupee which we can't change anywhere and we would really like to!! Next would be to take a phrase book with you for each country if possible. Nothing big, just a little one to say basic stuff like Train and Toilet. Also always have toilet paper and pen and paper with you. They will come in useful!! Think that's the main ones. Everything else is fairly obvious!! Oh when packing it's not about fitting everything into a bag because if you do that bag will be really heavy! Try having one big backpack and a few smaller bags for the heavy stuff. That will make it easier. And the final and most important one: do all your shopping last, not first like we did. You run out of money and you have to carry it everywhere with you afterwards!!!

Now we looked forward to this trip so much but there a few things we are really looking forward to when we come home.

1. Not having to pack every few days will be a big one

2. Having clean clothes

3. Being able to cook your own food

4. When you eat not having to wonder what you are actually eating, if it will be nice and whether it will make you sick

5. Having fresh bread that isn't sweet!

6. Seeing familiar faces

7. Being able to speak/read english!!

8. Driving - not walking/training/busing/flying everywhere

9. Not having everyone staring at you like you're from out of space

10. English speaking TV!!

11. Actually getting what you ask for

12. Being able to watch a movie if you feel like it

This list goes on but we won't bore you. We have hundreds of photos too. I will put up the better of them in a small format but if you want to see our pics let me know and we can sort out a better way of doing it. If you are on Facebook you'll see it anyways.

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