Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Challenge: Say what you think!

There's something I've been doing recently, and I don't know if it's good or not but I know if I had it done to me I'd appreciate it. How many times a week do you see something about someone or something they've done and think it's great but not tell them? Well I've been telling people instead of just thinking it. Here's 2 examples:

1. A girl I went to school with, we don't know each other except by name. I found her blog and through reading it discovered 2 things, firstly that she had an incredible artistic talent, secondly that her and her husband have 1 little girl but have actually lost 2 more including a boy who was born this year full term still born. I was overwhelmed by what she had gone through and how strong she was, adding to that that she is younger than me! So I emailed her and told her. And we talked for a bit and it made me feel good but was great for her too.

2. The mum of some friends of mine is dying. She has cancer and she wasn't expected to live past Christmas. She is doing amazing but it finding it so hard and wrote a really sad post on her blog. So I emailed her and told her how inspiring she was to me and how I would feel if it was my mum going through what she is. I haven't heard anything back yet.

But it's made me think. Why am I doing this? Why am I emailing these people? They don't know me! They have no reason to care about what I'm saying. But how often do we hear of people dying and then someone saying I wish I'd had a chance to tell them how they'd impacted me. And I don't want to have to say that. I want these people to know that they are more than just ordinary.

So here's my challenge. Tell people when what they do makes you feel something positive (this is a purely positive challenge please!). It doesn't matter if they don't know you or if they'll never have a chance to tell you how it made them feel. Just tell them cos you might be just what they need. Do it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo! So, here goes: You are inspiring to me! I love your photos, reading your blog and hearing about all your lovely home cooked food. I'm sure they seem like small things to you, but they really lift my spirits when the days seem a bit boring or lonely and make me want to enjoy the every day things in my life more and more.
Love ya!
P.S. Don't worry, I will also find some other people to be positive to!

Anonymous said...

This is great Joey, I do it too but in a different way.
When I see someone in the crowd with a jacket, earings, bag anything I like I say as I pass, "Nice jacket." I like leaving a smile where there wasn't one before :)
I know a sweet stand at Westfield abd a coffee shop at Spotlight where I can say 'thank you' to the person who serves me in their first language ~ another smile :)
It feels good.
Keep doing what you are doing xx

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog page :()

Jo said...

Thanks Anon 1! I'm glad that just being me (which doesn't feel like anything at all sometimes) helps you sometimes.

And Mum I like that idea too! I must try and do that more often. I sometimes say thank you in Japanese when I buy sushi but I feel like they will think I'm trying to hard. Maybe I'll do it anyways.

And yes I quite like my page too! Might try some other stuff but will do for now!