Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010

It's New Years Eve and tonight we're going to The Bedford to watch Tahu's band Merchants of Flow open for Salmonella Dub. It's such an exciting opportunity for them. Can't wait!

This morning I finished the 40th book I've read this year. Not bad! I had wanted to read more than I read last year which was 31 books and I've passed it by 9! Can I read over 40 books next year? Let's hope so!

In this post I wrote the resolutions I had for 2010 so I think it's time to review and see how I did.

1. Start running - yes I did this! I completed the Real Womens Duathlon and then later this year started the couch to 5 K and I'm currently up to week 4.

2. Learn Maori - we did try for a bit but not really what I'd call learning the language. I did however find a course I can do by correspondence so will be signing up for that in the new year.

3. Do a photography course - no but I'm keeping it on the list!

4. Play soccer - my soccer buddy moved to Auckland so no I didn't do this. I did go to a few games though...does that count?

5. Pay off lots of debt - this we did do! Not all of it of course but we now own both our cars, all our house stuff pretty much and have managed to fit in 2 trips as well.

6. Read more than 31 books - Yes I did! 40 books as of this morning.

So that's 3 yes's, 1 sort of and 1 no. Not bad! Actually it's good because I may not have done all I planned but I did take up other things. I started 2 new hobbies, baking and chocolate making. Maybe not super cool but everyone who eats it likes it so can't be that bad!

Other things from sick again, that wasn't fun. Had problems with my heart but think we're getting by with that. Got engaged (my favourite part!). Did well at my work, met new nephew Joshua, found an amazing house. Got rid of a couple of friends that just weren't improving me (painful but so much better now). Started planning our wedding. Went to Ausy and to the North Island. It's been a busy year!

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