Friday, December 31, 2010

What will 2011 hold??

I did ok with my last years resolutions so here's my goals for 2011:

1. Keep running - complete couchto5k and Real Women's Duathlon (hopefully in less than 1 hour)
2. Read more books than last year (can I beat 40?)
3. Learn Maori - actually enjoy and complete the paper, not just find it and think about it
4. Pay off lots more debt
5. Plan and prepare for our wedding (!!!)
6. Do a photography course
7. Lose weight - sorry but it has to be done. I want to do it slowly and healthily so that I can maintain it once it's done. 20 kg would be ideal but 15kg would probably be just as good! I'm over 80kg right now and thinking about banning all reflective surfaces. Can't believe I'm writing this...but have to be brave and challenge myself!
8. Try something new

Pretty similar to my last years plans...let's see where I'm at this time next year! (I'll be 5 days from being Mrs Brown)


Anonymous said...

If you want to lose weight, you're going to struggle with a common low-fat low calorie diet.
As someone who cares deeply about nutrition, it's sad to see that the state of common nutrition knowledge is so incredibly bad and unhelpful.
How many people have tried to diet low-fat low-calorie and failed? And then blame themselves?
A low-fat low-cal diet will make you hungry almost all the time and it's almost impossible to succeed.

Research low-carbohydrate. Atkins etc (actually read his book from start to finish, it's a hell of a lot more balanced than you may think). It's far more effective and will help you understand the role of food in nutrition and will lead to an overall healthier diet and weight will be lost easily, without having to resort to processed average tasting food either

from - someone you used to know

Jo said...

Someone I used to know...well that's gonna narrow it down! But thank you, I appreciate that your comment wasn't unkind.

I am not keen on completely removing something from what I eat (carbs) for 2 reasons, firstly, if you can't eat something it makes you want it more and secondly, if I did start eating them again one day the weight would come straight back on. I want to train myself to eat a normal diet that is sustainable long term.

And how much does an earthquake ruin all my plans? A's not the same running near my house with random lumps and cracks in the road and silt everywhere.