Saturday, December 08, 2012

Inspiration right when I needed it

I am incredibly lucky to be able to breast feed Knox. It was painful at first but so easy right from the first moments. He's a natural! Because of this I feed him whenever he needs it or if its been a couple of hours no matter where we are. My theory is that it's better to be breastfeeding in public then to have a crying baby! But I feel weird about it. I'm nervous of what people think and say. I worry! But if he needs food then he needs it! So I've fed him standing in a very long queue at the post office or on the chair for old people in the chemist and all sorts of unusual places. And I'm super subtle about it because I want you seeing my nipple even less then you want to see it! But I just feel weird.

So yesterday I was browsing Instagram and found this picture of a singer that I really admire (love!!) breastfeeding her wee girl in a restaurant in Paris. And I felt great. Like it's not just full on breastfeeding nazis that feed in unusual places. I'm ok. I don't have to worry so much. What a relief!

How strange though that a celebrity breastfeeding in a restaurant has done more for me then any other person feeding their baby in public!

Oh I'm also that person giving her baby a bottle as she walks around ikea!

But I think this is ok. I think it's great actually that Knox will feed and sleep anywhere anytime. As long as he has me we can go out anywhere. In fact I'm writing this post in Melbourne. At the tender age of 9 weeks he has already travelled to another country and he was an absolute star on the trip! Just grizzly from when we landed but he got over that easily.

So I will remind myself of Pink and this picture next time I feel weird. And I'll be ok!

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