Saturday, December 08, 2012

Why I Do What I Do

This saying pops into my head a lot these days. I'm a new parent and I think I'm doing ok but learning more all the time.

I get given a lot of advice and I always give what I'm told two tests. Firstly, is it logical? And secondly, does it feel ok? What's my natural instinct telling me about this. And so I pick and choose what I follow and then I feel like if I have to explain it, it comes under the title: Why I Do What I Do.

And so I'll try and write posts so I can remember and learn and I'll tag them with that title so it's easy to find them. I've written my first one which is about breastfeeding in public. I'm sure there will be more!

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Jenny Sorge said...

Listening to your heart will rarely turn us in the wrong direction! Great thoughts!
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