Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting ink'd

Yes I got another tattoo. These things are addictive ok? I found this one and loved it. I had no reason for it, I just thought it was beautiful and that maybe that was enough reason to get it! But as I thought about it more I realised there were plenty of reasons for getting this! It was originally 4 birds but I just got 3.

Reason One: Last year was big. Loads happened. Three things stand out to me and so each bird represents one of those: Tahu and I got married, we had Knox and I lost Meredith.

Reason Two: When Tahu and I first got together he lived in Ausy. One week I was having a particularly hard time and I woke up one morning to an email that had a song attached. He'd recorded himself playing and singing this song just for me. It was Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. The main part goes "Don't worry about a thing, cos every little thing, is gonna be alright". Was so perfect for how I felt. And in the week we had Knox, when we also lost Meredith and Judah as well as entering the ocean that is Parenthood, this song played endlessly in my head. Don't worry about a thing, cos everything is going to be ok. And so these 3 little birds remind me of that song and those moments.

 Reason Three: Chrissy, my darling niece, came with me and got it too. And Shaz is getting birds next time she's over and if I have my way Deb will get some too.

Reason Four: The birds are swallows. These birds were often the first to land on a ship that had been out to sea for long periods of time. The swallow is also the harbinger of the spring season. So, to me, the bird symbolises being close to, or finding your way, home and also the coming out of the cold into spring/summer (which is my favourite season).

And also cos I just think it's beautiful!


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