Wednesday, July 06, 2005

60 Minutes or maybe a few less

The other night I watched 60 minutes with my flatmates. There was an article about muslims in New Zealand. There was a MP on the show who said that he thought that if the Koran said it it was right even when it said that homosexuals should be stoned to death. The next day every Tom Dick and Harry (and their dog) had a view on this including Helen. And so the MP took it back. Said he didn't really think that.

But so what if he does think that? I disagree of course. I don't think anyone should be stoned to death and definately not for their sexual preference. But cos I don't think the same as him should he change his view for me? Isn't it better that we have a parliament with varied points of view? Do I really want my country run by a group of people that all think the same and if someone disagrees they object and make them take it back?


Anonymous said...

Our countries parliment is a joke.

Nas said...

the muslim religion is fcukd up! personally i really hope it doesnt infiltrate our society (unless of course ur into treating women like crap) it is the one religion i feel strongly about as one side of my family was brought up in this religion, fortunately for me, they all saw how wrong it was and ditched it! if a member of our parliment said this, he shouldnt be a member of our parliment. Varied opinions are good, but discriminative ones aren't!