Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"And just like the movies..."

On Monday night I watched Behind Enemy Lines. To me it's one of those movies that while I'm watching it I just know it's an awesome movie and that I love it. I've seen it maybe twice before but it's still just as good. I get the same feeling from Tears of the Sun, Van Helsing and Cold Mountain. And while I was watching the movie on Monday night I wondered what it is that I like about these movies cos when you see them they're all pretty violent and I don't like violent movies at all.

What I love about a movie is when you can feel the intensity of the scene with very little effort from the movie itself and you can't stop thinking about it afterwards. I'm not a fan of chick flicks or romantic comedys. Yeah they're nice and give you warm fuzzys but you don't think about them for days afterwards and continue to be amazed at what you feel from it.

In Behind Enemy Lines it's the scene where his commander can see him via satellite and they can see he's being chased and they see him fall and they can't understand why he's not being caught and then you see that he's lying in ditch with bodies. In Tears of the Sun it's the part where they find the village and there's ethnic cleansing. Van Helsing and Cold Mountain have similar scenes.

Signs is another movie that I could rave about for hours. The scene where they are outside and you can see a person just standing on the roof of one of their buildings. And how the director uses music or lack of music to get you to feel stuff in the movie.

So what makes a movie more than just a movie? For me it's not the happy ending, the graphics or the celebrities that are in it. It's that feeling that it's a really good movie. The ability of the movie to make me feel something intensely and not be able to forget about it. It's the movie that makes me want to see it again.


Katiepie said...

Well i havent seen many of the films you talk about but i get the point and fully agree. One of my favs is 'The Green Mile' man did i cry in that movie its jst sooo touching and moving... anyway maybe that might be a good holidays mission to watch those movies you rave about yea?

andrew brown said...

see I never used to understand why a movie by a big director was advertised like "the new steven speilberg film" but now I understand, is that a script is one thing, but the director decides basically EVERYTHING that isn't the words that are spoken, and turns it into a movie. The director makes or breaks a movie. When you start to pay attention to a director and his movies you can start to pick his style. personally I HATE movies by Oliver Stone, they're all over the show and hard to watch.

But Jo you asked what makes a movie stand out? Well actors are one but I personally think that it's a director, he knows what'll look good and get the heart stirring. If you like a certain movie A LOT go to (if you want to know ANYTHING EVER about ANY MOVIE EVER go there and you will not be unsatisfied) and check out who directed it, and look for more of that persons.

Anonymous said...

Glad you like Signs - we're going to show it at the Christchurch Holy-Wood Film Festival in July.