Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm procrastinating...

Despite all my best laid plans, when I actually sit down to do my assignments I just can't be bothered. And so here I am blogging. About nothing exciting. Just blogging. Cos I can.

It seems the theme of this week is to join the gym or something similar. On 3 blogs currently (not quite currently cos Kate hasn't actually posted hers yet but I know its coming) the bloggers are joining the gym or becoming healthy (possibly there's a difference). And last night I had a long conversation about how me and Paul are gonna join the gym in a month or so, so that the 3 month membership will expire just before I go to Melbourne and at the start of Summer and we will both be attractive creatures. Well that's the plan. Maybe we should all have a competition. Maybe by 1 December we should be either at or well on our way to our goal weights. We all put in $10 and the person or people who are at the goal weights get to split the money. Could be incentive. Could be a waste of time.

Well what do we think? Shaz? Jase? Kate? Anyone else who's interested?


Elizabeth said...

Okay Jo, so I am in but not goal weight! What say the biggest weight loss by then? Let me see this is August 10th, 16 weeks until Dec 1st, I guess 16 kgs is too much of an ask but something near it would be great.

This is something to ponder as you walk Sharyn and why dont you wake up 'August and Everything After' too, the party is over and I could do with her $10 in Dec, or maybe Jo could or whoever joins in! :-)

Jo said...

But see biggest weightloss wouldn't work cos I have no chance of winning! I don't want to lose loads just a bit. if we do it by goal weight or percentage or something that would be much better!!!

So that's you and me mum....who else will join our crew?

andrew brown said...

what about me? maybe you just don't read my blog or something but I too mentioned getting into shape, spurred by your sisters blog of course. the doctor wants me to lose 10-15 kilos which is a hell of a lot when i'm not really even fat, he wants to me to look anorexic. maybe that should be MY goal, if my appearance can shock people then i have achieved my goal!

Katiepie said...

Im in! i have my first assessment with the hot gym instructor nxt weds i think so ill start with that weight and i would also be keen to put in $10 but not sure how you will choose a winner when you only want to lose a few kgs and others like myself want to lose quite a bit more... orsome idea though :)

Lynne said...

How do I take this?
Your mum hands me a cake - chocolate, delicious looking.
and tells me I need to read your blog.


Elizabeth said...

I thought a certain look crossed your face Lynne, plus I read your blog scattered with netball and jogging references.
Dont worry Jo, Lynne and Steve earned my baking abilities in an auction, I wont forget that your flat has cake needs too!
Now back to the $10, I have no hope of getting to goal weight in this life ~ but I have been swimming 3 times this week so I am trying.
Okay, I have heard it before, "very trying!" :-)