Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am disappointed

Today Brent Todd was named in relation to the drug trial up in Auckland. In his defence, he denies buying, selling or supplying drugs. And so I'm intrigued as to what he is going to be charged with. Possession maybe? I don't know.

But whatever it is I'm disappointed that it is him. I'm not sure exactly how old he is but he must be at least 40s. He's too old to do drugs. He's got kids. Parents shouldn't do drugs. He's a celebrity/sports stars so therefore a role model. Role models shouldn't do drugs.

And I understand that he's not just all those things. That he's a normal human being who probably just wants to have fun and so maybe his doing drugs is his fun but surely with all those things adding against him he should have known better.

As I write this I feel like some of my readers are going "yes Jo drugs are bad - what's the point in blogging about it" and all my other readers are going "get over it Jo it's just drugs - what's the point in blogging about it" but I am not writing this blog to please anyone. This is me just saying what I'm thinking as a way to reach a point for myself. And I'm writing it on this blog (as opposed to a journal which no one else would read) because I think it's important if you choose to be my friend that you know where I stand. Please understand that this isn't aimed at anyone it's just me writing.

So here's what I think about drugs: I wouldn't do them myself but I really don't care if one of my friends does them. I get the young people want to experiment. Until they reach a point. Until I think adulthood should really set in and they should realize it's just not cool. (I can hear the gasps now) Yes I think that as there is a minimum age for alcohol there is also a maximum age for drugs but it's just not as obvious.

And this age differs for people obviously. Like it's as young as 18 or 16 for some because that is when they become parents. I think when you become a parent you have to stop that kind of thing. But then there's those of us who don't have kids yet. So what's the age then? Personally (and here's where people will disagree with me) I think 30s. But I guess that's gonna differ for everyone. I think 30s you're definately an adult and there's nothing wrong with being an adult.

I don't know how to finish this blog. I don't know if I've got across my point. But maybe that doesn't matter. I hope this has all made sense.


Anonymous said...

Hey hun,
I'm not a parent and i ended a bad prob with drugs when i was 17. Best think i could have done!!! Personally i think the age to stop should be much lower than 30's. Drugs are just such a thing you do when you're young... then you grow up. Don't you love not be dependant on anything (well illegal things anyway)!!!
couldn't remember my password it's been that long, so i'm anon, lol.
nas ( :

andrew brown said...

it does make sense but without trying to sound too cynical, it sounds a lot like something that someone who hasn't been "into" drugs would say, because most people who have been into drugs and have come out of it in a good state think they all should be illegal.

plus 30 is way too old anyway, if people are still into that kind of thing when they are 30 they are sad people indeed.

Jo said...

I think you miss read me andrew. And what does my not having done drugs have to do with anything? Does that mean I can't have an opinion and that it can't be taken seriously? I wasn't saying they should be legal. I was saying there should be a commen sense maximum age limit. That is if you choose to do drugs at all.

And nas welcome back! I have missed you.

andrew brown said...

what do you mean "a common sense age limit" should we have posters that say "don't do drugs mkay but if you do then only do it if you're under 30"? i know you don't mean that but i don't understand, you don't want them legalised but your happy for it to happen?

Simon said...

If you take drugs I bet you could win the weightloss comp! (and do little work, thats the best bit)

andrew brown said...

well, maybe if it's some methamphetamine ;)

Jo said...

Andrew are you serious? Do you really think i mean that all literally? use your common sense.

andrew brown said...

what? what are you talking about? what part to be taken literally and what part to not? as far as i can see it you're sending two conflicting ideas, 1 that drugs shouldn't be legal, but 2, that there should be a "common sense" age limit?

im just really confused at what your point is? what do you think should happen? or are you just saying that people should grow out of drugs and thats it? it seems like you're passively advocating their use by saying there should be an upper age limit

andrew brown said...

by the way jo i'm not trying to start an argument or anything, sometimes i think that maybe you think that now i'm mean and all i seem to comment about in your blogs is just to start arguments but really it's not, im just not quite sure of what you're trying to say thats all :)

Anonymous said...

I dont know Andrew Brown but he does seem to be a pain. Was he not breast fed or something?

andrew brown said...

hey thats really mean. and especially since i didn't even know who it came from? i'm not a pain and i was breastfed!

Jo said...

I'm not sure how much more explaination to put then I have already said. Of course I think the drugs that are illegal should be illegal. Can you really read my blog and think that I want them to be legal? But no matter what I think people are always gonna do them. You should know that. So if they must do them surely they should realise that there's a point where they are just too old.

But Simon you do have a good point...maybe I will try it! :)

andrew brown said...

right, so i see what you're saying, but it doesn't really resolve my issue, but thats ok. we've come to a happy conclusion :) laterz

Mel (Andrew Busch's girlfriend) said...

HI there,
I agree it was disappointing to hear about Brent Todd, I hope that it wasn't him as he does seem like a decent bloke, and it is sad to know that someone that kids would look up to would be involved in shit like that.Dope would not be so bad, as so many people of all races and class seem to do that, but ANY other sort of drug is very bad news. People on P seems to be in alot of court cases these days and it is flippin scarey to hear wot it is doing to people and yet more and more people seem to be getting into it, sick, very sick it is. Just stick to a few glasses of booze I say.
Good site Jo, see you again

Squirk said...

You can always rely on drugs to stir up debate in company with mixed backgrounds!

For what it's worth: In my view, drugs are one of those "bad" things that some people can (and do) enjoy responsibly. However, I believe that it's much easier to slip from responsible use to damaging abuse without realising it and/or unable to go back to responsibility. (The extent to which this applies obviously varies from from person to person and from drug to drug.)

As for the idea "maturity cap" on drug use, I think it's easier to associate drug use with youthful rebellion and exploration than it is to associate it with a stable and fulfilling family life. But should every moderately sensible drug user be expected to "grow out of it", even if they are in control? I haven't enough experience with older drug users to do anything but reserve my judgement.

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