Monday, August 08, 2005

My flats under quarantine...

Well it's not really but maybe it should be. Maybe we should all be in isolation.

This morning I got up to find not 1, not 2 but 5 of my flatmates are sick. In the lounge was Chris, Janine, Derek, Si and Corey. And Paul was still in bed sick. And I know that's 6 people. I think Corey just had the day off. But just you wait...his time will come. Moira is just getting over this flu and that leaves me and Matilda that aren't sick. Well not yet. Lets hope we can avoid it!

And I think I got out of bed on the wrong side today. It's one of those I the only one that has them? Everything annoys me. People annoy me. The weather annoys me. Being at tec annoys me. Having so much work to do annoys me. I just want to curl up under a rock and not be annoyed anymore. How good is bed going to be tonight.

Not my best post ever. But an honest one. I don't think I'm honest enough these days. Always trying to please other people. I will post again later to prove that I am not an unhappy girl but just not an always happy girl.


andrew brown said...

i feel like that most days.

actually no i don't, i very rarely if ever get annoyed but i very rarely ever actually feel like coming to work.

sucks to hear it, hope you get less annoyed soon, and i hope the flat gets better. panadol all around i say

Elizabeth said...

Joey annoyed with everything! Yep, wise mother says get your washing done kid, you are sickening for something I suspect xxx

Sharyn said...

We call it PMT here in the commune.

Jo said...

well it wasn't.