Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Anyone remember watching Heartbeat??

It's been a while since I sat and read blogs, there's been so much work to do at tec and then having the last 4 days off. The main themes seem to be singleness, snow and politics.

Politics I'm over. Lets move on.

Snow was lovely to look at but very cold. I did however get 2 days off cos of it. Tec was closed on Monday and yesterday I woke up and decided one day just wasn't enough so I spent the day at home (apart from when we went out to do a few wee things we needed but I will talk about that later) with Paul just hanging out, playing on the net, cooking and relaxing. I had been so busy the last few weeks with my 50 million assignments and then the same again in exams it was nice to have time off and just hang out. I know next week is holidays but I'm working for the whole 2 weeks so its no holiday for me. One thing that I don't understand about the snow is that several people have said to me that it's not that much snow...hello people it's late September!! Any snow is a lot!

So our wee trip out of the house was funny though. Pauls phone get stolen on the weekend so we had to go report it to the police so that Vodafone could cancel it. So we went to the station near us which is Riccarton. Walking in the door we were wondered if we had stepped back in time. This old guy on the desk and posters on the wall advertising that from 1 January 1994 we had to always were helmets on bikes. We then spent 10 minutes trying to tell the guy that Pauls name isn't Steven at all. Not his last name, first name or middle name. It's not Steven. And as he sits there and says to us "I don't know where I got Steven from" he procedes to still write it down as Pauls middle name. Then the phone number was just as hard. 5321, 5231, 5321, 5321 no it's 5331!!! Finally we got to go to Vodafone and they tell us they need a case number so we went back to the Police Station from the 50s and there's another guy on the desk who is possibly 104 and he says to us "I'm sorry I'm not a police man so I can't help you" and all I can think is why is there an 104 year old man who is not a police man incharge of the police station???? Who knows.

Singleness apparently I can't comment on cos I'm not single. And lets be honest. What could I say that's any different from what everyone else says and thinks?

And for the record it is possible to marry too young and thousands of people do it everyday. The divorce rate for 18-25 year olds in NZ is 60%. Now try and tell me again that it's ok to get married early?


andrew brown said...

married or not, single of not, im just glad i don't have 50 million assignments to do! :)

andrew brown said...

oh jo i'm so tempted to disagree with your last comment, not for the sake of it but because i honestly disagree, but i won't, as i know you think im just a big disagreer.

Jo said...

I didn't comment. What are you talking about?

Andrew said...

It's that Wakky Bakky that he's so fond of.

andrew brown said...

what makes you think i'm so keen on getting high? i meant the comment about marriage in your blog

Sasha said...

hey jo. its sasha (: kool blog im lovn it lol we need to ctch up sum dae