Friday, September 23, 2005

Denise and Denephews

I'm gutted cos someone recently did the Denise and Denephew joke on their blog and now I can't find it. It was very funny. If anyone doesn't know it, comment, and I'll write it as best I can remember it.

And it's not really even relevent to my post, just thought it was a good lead on into it.

On Wednesday night I dragged Paul along to watch my neice Chrissy (she's 12) and my nephew James (he's 9) perform in their school "Showbiz" concert thingy. And it was so worth it. They were awesome. Chrissy did a dance with about 6 other girls her age to Blame it on the Boogie by the Jackson 5. She was amazing! Some people when they dance concentrate hard and watch what the others are doing to keep in time but not Chrissy, she is so effortless and natural when it comes to dancing and I was so proud.

James was next and he was in the kapahaka. They did Poi-e (a maori song for all you people that don't know it) and then a wee haka thingy and he was so cool. He had a wee mohawk going on and got into it so much. I remember from my school kapahaka days and the boys never really got into it but James and the others were so good. They were doing it with all their passion and slapping their chests hard and it was brilliant.

Reuben (who's 3) obviously wasn't it in but I'll still post about him. Last sunday night I went to their house with Jeremy (he's over from Melbourne but going back today :( ) and Reuben was just so lovely. Late in the evening he gave Jeremy a big cuddle and goes "I love you more and more and more". We didn't tell him to say it he just did. And he's like that in loads of ways. Just so sweet and honest and cute. I am tempted to write all the cute things he did but I can imagine that most of you aren't that interested!! :) But he is lovely and wonderful. And if you want more stories just comment and I'll write them cos I'm the doting aunty who will talk about the kids for hours.

I'm so glad that they are my neices and nephews and I will never be able to say enough good things about them. It amazes me everytime I see them how cool they are and how much they love me and how much I love them. There's nothing quite like listening to them talking to me about anything or giving them hugs.

Dave and Deb: you did good. Thank heaps for them.

ps Deb did all the costumes for the concert and they were amazing, and Dave videoed it so it was quite the family event really!


Andrew said...

I'm a freakin legend

andrew brown said...


Christina said...

Hey are you the same Jo Brown I went to Middleton with back in the day? (Ok, so only four years ago, but it feels a lot longer :P) I found your blog cos one of my mates has linked to your mum's. How wierd is that! What's been up with you since you left Superstore?

Jo said...

Yes that's me!! Random! I'm guessing this is Chrissy Evans? I went to Melbourne after the superstore and now I'm second year studying at CPIT. I'm a computer geek would you believe!! what you up to?

Christina said...

lol computer geek that's awesome! um i'm a bit of a bum at the moment, trying to figure out what to do with myself since i finished uni and the degree of doom. so... i've sort of been unemployed and worked a few crap jobs and yeah. Nothing particularly brilliant but hey. I guess you're still in contact with lilly? that's awesome! do you still keep up with bex and merodie and irene and them?

Jo said...

Yeah saw Lilly tonight. She's all good just working loads (!!). Rebecca is due next month, a boy last I heard. Boon still in Dunners, saw her a couple of months ago and she was busy with Uni. Merodie...haven't talked to her really, she was going flatting last I heard, also went to Indonesia on a mission as well. haha Thanks for pointing out what a bad friend I am!!!

Christina said...

Lol didn't mean that just I haven't heard what they're up to (except Irene) for ages and ages. I've met one of Merodie's flatmates, he used to work with my brother's best mate, how random is that? I haven't really kept up with heaps of Middleton people except "our" group :P